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50+ Really Funny Jokes About Teachers

Hey there student, are you feeling bogged down by all the school work and endless lectures from your teachers?

Well, don’t you worry because we’ve got some hilarious jokes about these educators that are sure to make you giggle.

From their dry humor to their infamous dad jokes, we’ve compiled a list of 50+ really funny jokes about teachers that will have you rolling on the school floor (figuratively of course).

So, sharpen those pencils, sit up straight and get ready to laugh out loud.

Let’s dive in!

Really Funny Jokes About Teachers

What kind of bird can’t stay in school? A toucan-t.

Why did the teacher wear sunglasses in class? Because her students were too bright.

How does a teacher keep their class quiet? By handing out silent math problems.

What’s a teacher’s favorite type of sandwich? One that comes with a lot of class.

Why did the teacher wear a helmet in class? Because they were afraid of head lice.

What did the librarian say to the teacher? Read between the lines.

Why did the teacher give a test on the first day of school? Because they wanted to gauge their students’ IQ…I Quit.

Why is a math book sad? Because it has too many problems.

What do you call a group of disorganized teachers? A mess-up of educators.

How does a science teacher get to school? On a Bunsen burner bus.

Why did the teacher go to space? To prove that teaching is not rocket science.

What do you call a teacher who is always late? A tardy turtle.

What do you call a teacher who never uses a blackboard? Discriminatory.

Why did the history teacher go to jail? He got caught teaching outdated laws.

What do you call a teacher who is always angry? A grumpy guide.

Why did the teacher bring a ruler to class? To keep tabs on success – because success is measured in inches.

How do teachers help you fight boredom? By starting a war on phones and laptops.

What did the teacher say when the class didn’t listen? “Ladies and gentlemen, may I introduce you to… your future!”

What do you call a teacher whose students are always on time? A miracle worker.

How do you catch a squirrel? Climb a tree and act like a student.

Why did the math teacher retire? He had too many problems.

Why was the music teacher always off-key? He couldn’t find the right note.

Why did the English teacher bring a ladder to school? To help her students with their prose and cons.

How does a lazy teacher sign his letters? Yours, untidily.

Why did the social studies teacher feel lonely? He couldn’t find a philosopher to talk to.

What’s a teacher’s favorite color? School Bus Yellow.

Why do teachers need sunglasses? Because their students are bright.

Why did the history teacher teach his class about history in reverse order? He wanted to make history backwards.

Why did the science teacher pour root beer into his Bunsen burner? He was trying to make a soda-lution.

Why was the computer teacher cold? He left his Windows open.

Why was the gym teacher always out of shape? Because he never exercised authority.

What do you call a teacher who is always hating? A grammar-grumble.

Why was the geography teacher arrested? He took his class on a globe-trotting spree.

Why did the language teacher call the pond a she? Because it was Latin-ic.

What did the teacher do with his class of ants? He read them an ant-hology.

Why did the French teacher wear sunglasses to school? Because he couldn’t control his pupils.

How did the music teacher teach his class about rhythm? He had them all tap into it.

Why did the math teacher wear thick-rimmed glasses? To look through the binomials.

Why did the art teacher use a ruler to paint? She wanted straight As.

Why don’t teachers listen to CDs? Because they prefer their students to be engaged in the classroom, not disC-con-nected.

Up to You!

Well, well, well!

You made it to the end of our hilarious list of teacher jokes.

Give yourself a pat on the back, you comedian, you.

Whether you’re a student, teacher, or just someone who appreciates a good laugh, we hope these jokes brightened up your day.

Remember, teachers may be scholars, but they also have a pretty great sense of humor.

So go ahead and share these jokes with your favorite educators, just make sure to give them extra credit for laughing!

Keep on giggling, my friend!

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