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50+ Jokes About Zoom

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We’ve got 50+ jokes about the beloved (and sometimes dreaded) video conferencing tool, Zoom.

Whether you’re a WFH vet or new to the game, these jokes will have you saying “LOL” instead of “Mute” in no time.

So sit back, enjoy, and let’s get this party started…in gallery view, of course.

Jokes About Zoom

I joined a Zoom call with 10 other people, it was like the Brady Bunch on steroids.

Zoom is like a box of chocolates, you never know what awkward moment you’ll get.

Zoom meetings are so boring, I convinced my cat to attend one with me just to make it interesting.

I joined a Zoom meeting with my boss in my pajamas, turns out everyone had the same idea.

I was in a Zoom meeting and my internet went out, it was the most productive hour of my day.

Forget the mute button, I need a delete last 5 seconds button on Zoom.

I’m starting to get Zoom fatigue, but at least I don’t have to wear pants.

There’s something so satisfying about logging off a Zoom call and straight up closing my laptop.

Zoom is great, unless you’re accidentally sharing your screen while scrolling through Twitter.

I really miss the days when muted Zoom meetings simulating work at the office was just the intro to every co-worker’s conspiracy theory.

If you’re attending a Zoom meeting in your pajamas, just tell everyone you’re dressed as your favorite virtual character.

I joined a Zoom meeting with my pets, and now I’m pretty sure they’re interviewing for jobs behind my back.

I don’t know who needs to hear this, but the chat function on Zoom is not a private message system.

I was in a Zoom meeting with my friend and her children, and it was the first time I enjoyed being around kids since the pandemic started.

I joined a Zoom meeting with my head upside down, nobody noticed until I spoke and everyone got dizzy.

I had a Zoom call with my family and my mom accidentally started screen sharing her Facebook messages. We learned a lot about her five-year-old feud with the neighbor.

There’s a special place in Zoom hell for the person who doesn’t switch from speaker view during a presentation.

There’s a fine line between pretending to listen on a Zoom call and accidentally falling asleep with your camera on.

I joined a Zoom meeting with my hair in a messy bun, it’s all fun and games until you have to present.

The one nice thing about Zoom meetings is that they’re a lot easier to sneak out of than in-person meetings.

Why did the teacher bring a ladder to the Zoom meeting? To reach the highest level of engagement.

Why did the student put their camera on during the Zoom meeting? To make a good impression on the pixels.

Why is it hard to have a serious conversation on Zoom? Because everyone is always on mute.

Why was the Zoom meeting always late? Because everyone was waiting for the host to unmute themselves.

What did one Zoom screen say to the other? I think we’re in a virtual relationship…

Why did the chicken cross the Zoom background? To get to the other slide.

Why did the Zoom call go to therapy? To work on its virtual issues.

Why do Zoom meetings always make us late? Because time just seems to drag on and on…

What do you call a group of people on a Zoom call? A virtual party!

Why do dogs hate Zoom calls? They can’t chase the cursor on the screen.

What did the Zoom meeting say to the couch potato? You look like you’ve been sitting here for hours…

Why did the Zoom call have to end early? Because one person kept on hitting snooze on their virtual alarm clock.

Why did the Zoom call have to be rescheduled? Because everyone forgot to charge their virtual batteries.

Why do people never look as good on Zoom as they do in real life? Because in virtual reality, nobody knows you’re wearing sweatpants.

Why did the Zoom call have technical difficulties? Because someone in the group had a virtual virus.

Why is the bathroom the best place to take a Zoom call? Because it’s the perfect place to flush all your ideas out.

Why did the Zoom meeting have to be cut short? Because somebody left their virtual stove on.

How do you know when a Zoom meeting is nearing the end? When everyone starts to wave their virtual goodbyes.

Why do Zoom calls always feel like they last an eternity? Because time and space seem to be a virtual construct.

Why did the Zoom call have to take a break? Because everyone needed to virtually stretch their legs.

Why did the tomato refuse to join the zoom call? Because it saw that someone was already chatting soup-er fast!

Why did the chicken cross the zoom call? To get to the other slide, of course!

Why did the spy join the zoom call? To get a sneak preview of the latest document!

Why did the elephant leave the zoom call early? Because it was feeling a little trunk-ated!

Why did the clock keep interrupting the zoom call? Because it was the timekeeper!

Why did the computer feel hurt when the person on the zoom call got up to stretch? Because they were abandoning their mouse!

Why did the coffee cup refuse to participate in the zoom call? Because it was already steeped in work!

Why did the soap suds join the zoom call without an invitation? Because it was feeling bubbly!

Why did the bookcase feel lonely during the zoom call? Because it had shelves without purpose!

Why did the TV remote control fake a sickness on the day of the zoom call? Because it couldn’t find its channel!

Why did the kitchen clock refuse to cooperate in the zoom call? Because it kept saying thyme’s up!

Why did the printer crash the zoom call? Because it wanted to make a point!

Why did the muffin join the zoom call? Because it wanted to show off its Cranberry muffin (Computing muffin).

Why did the pencil refuse to be a part of the zoom call? Because it was already over-tipping!

Why did the stapler refuse to be on the same zoom call as the paper clip? Too much stationery stationery!

Why did the calculator avoid the zoom call? Because it had enough problems to solve!

Why did the eraser leave the zoom call so early? Because it couldn’t handle the sharpness!

Why did the microphone feel insecure on the zoom call? Because it was hearing its own echo too often!

Why did the chair feel ignored during the zoom call? Because it was chairing the meeting but nobody noticed!

Why did the laptop refuse to join the zoom call? Because it said it was too PC for it!

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