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50+ Jokes About Zlatan

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Jokes About Zlatan

Why did Zlatan refuse to play in Italy? Because he didn’t want to be known as Zlatano Juventus.

Zlatan doesn’t do push-ups, he pushes the world down.

Why is Zlatan such a good soccer player? Because he’s always in the Zlatan Zone.

Zlatan’s favorite cereal is Special Zlatan-O’s.

Zlatan doesn’t score goals, goals score for him.

When Zlatan dives, the water gets out of the way.

Zlatan doesn’t celebrate goals, goals celebrate Zlatan.

Zlatan can swim through land.

Zlatan doesn’t need a GPS, he already knows where he’s going.

Zlatan doesn’t do interviews, he does monologues.

Why did Zlatan refuse to take a penalty? Because he’s already scored from the spot on the other end of the pitch.

When Zlatan was born, the doctor brought the stork to him.

Zlatan is so fast, he once ran a marathon in 2 hours.

Zlatan is the only person to ever have a heart attack and continue playing.

Zlatan’s signature move is called The Zlatanator.

Zlatan is so powerful, he once kicked a ball into outer space.

Zlatan’s sweat cures baldness.

Zlatan speaks all languages, including dog and cat.

Zlatan doesn’t get cold, he turns up the heat.

Zlatan doesn’t get injured, he injures injuries.

Why did Zlatan Ibrahimovic become a soccer player? So he could finally get a shot at goal.

What do you call it when Zlatan stops running? A celebration.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic doesn’t do quick feet, he does quick brain cells.

What do you call Zlatan’s autobiography? I Am Zlatan.

How does Zlatan celebrate a goal? By reminding everyone that he scored it.

Why did Zlatan close his eyes during a penalty? To make it more challenging for the goalkeeper.

What did Zlatan say when he was asked how many championships he’s won? I lost count after the first 10.

Why did Zlatan get a tattoo of himself on his back? So he could watch his own back.

How does Zlatan keep his hair looking so perfect? He uses his opponents’ tears as hair gel.

What did Zlatan say when he scored a goal from halfway line? That was an easy tap-in.

Why did Zlatan change his name to Zlatan? So everyone would know who’s boss.

What’s the difference between Zlatan and a lion? One has a mane, the other is insane.

What did Zlatan say when his coach asked him to score more goals? I’ll score as many as God allows.

Why did Zlatan buy an island? So he could score his own goals and celebrate alone.

What did Zlatan say after he kicked the ball over the bar? The goal was too small.

Why did Zlatan refuse to play for Barcelona? He doesn’t like passing the ball.

What did Zlatan say when he was asked how to stop Lionel Messi? I don’t know, I’ve never tried.

Why did Zlatan become a striker? Because he can’t pass.

What did Zlatan say when he was asked why he always wears a headband? It’s to keep the other team focused on my face.

Why does Zlatan only use his left foot? He doesn’t need his right foot, he has his ego to play with.

Why did Zlatan cross the road? To get to the other strike.

Zlatan’s favorite holiday is Boxing Day.

What does Zlatan order at a sushi restaurant? Zlatan Rolls.

What is Zlatan’s favorite bird? The eagle, of course.

Zlatan once won a staring contest against the sun.

What did Zlatan say when he found out he was going to be a father? Ibrahimovic Jr. is already born ready.

Zlatan always finishes his sentences with a period Kick.

What do you call Zlatan when he’s playing golf? A hole in one.

Why did Zlatan become a football player? To kick-start his career.

When Zlatan gets injured, the pain calls for a stretcher, but Zlatan just walks it off.

What’s Zlatan’s favorite part of a car? The strikers.

Why did Zlatan bring a ladder to the football game? To be the top scorer.

Zlatan doesn’t do push-ups. He pushes the earth down.

What did the football say to Zlatan’s foot? You’re my sole-mate.

When Zlatan takes a penalty, do you know what happens to the ball? It prays.

Zlatan doesn’t get sunburns. The sun gets Zlatan burns.

What’s Zlatan’s favorite fruit? Ap-pear, of course.

The tooth fairy gives Zlatan teeth.

Why did Zlatan quit being a banker? He lost interest.

Zlatan can draw a straight line with a compass.

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