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50+ Jokes About Youtube

Hey there, fellow video addict!

Are you someone who spends hours on end scrolling through YouTube, knowing that you have other things to do but you just can’t help yourself?

Well, have no fear because today we have something that’s going to make your day a little brighter – 50+ hilarious jokes about YouTube.

Get ready to laugh out loud as we take you on a ride through all those quirky, weird and downright insane things that we love about YouTube.

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Jokes About Youtube

Why was the YouTube video sad? Because it got demonetized.

What do you call a video that nobody watches on YouTube? A view-less creature.

Why did the chicken cross the road? To get to the other side of the YouTube algorithm.

Why did the YouTube gamer cross the road? To beat his high score.

How do you know when a YouTube creator has made it big? They get verified, of course!

What’s a YouTube vlogger’s favorite dance move? The subscribe-and-twerk.

Why did the YouTube beauty guru start her own line of makeup? It was her way of contouring to success.

Why did the YouTuber break up with his channel? They just didn’t ‘click’ anymore.

Why did the YouTube chef fail at making pancakes? He was using his ‘whisk’ views instead of his common sense.

Why did the YouTube prankster stop making videos? His content just became too ‘troll’-ing.

What do you call a viral YouTube video about a horse? A galloping hit.

Why did the YouTube musician quit singing? He couldn’t handle the ‘comment-tary’ anymore.

Why did the YouTube skit artist get lost? He went down the ‘Rabbit Tube’ hole.

Why do cows love watching YouTube? Because they like to ‘moo’-sical performances.

Why did the YouTube stand-up comedian start a new channel? His old one was getting too many dislikes.

How do you get a million subscribers on YouTube? Put a cat or puppy in every video.

Why did the YouTuber get an award for his videos? Because he had outstanding content, not because he was in the ‘view’ hall of fame.

What do you call a video that ends abruptly on YouTube? An ‘abrupt-end’-er.

Why did the YouTube travel vlogger lose all his viewers? He was always going ‘off the beaten path’.

What do you call a YouTube video that’s always scrolling ads? A ‘pain’-ting commercial.

Why did the YouTuber cross the road? To get to the other side of the camera.

How many YouTube stars does it take to change a light bulb? Just one, but they’ll probably document the entire process on their channel.

A YouTuber walks into a bar, the bartender asks, Why the long face? The YouTuber replies, I just lost 10 subscribers.

What do you call a YouTuber who can’t stop vlogging? Obsessed.

Why did the YouTuber get a haircut? So they could create a new How to Cut Your Own Hair tutorial.

What’s a YouTuber’s favorite type of food? Anything that looks good on camera.

How does a YouTuber keep a secret? They don’t. They turn it into a video.

Why did the YouTuber quit his job? He got too many views for a day’s work.

What did one YouTube comment say to the other? I should’ve just watched a cat video.

Why did the YouTuber get a new computer? So they could edit videos faster than their competitors.

What’s a YouTuber’s favorite plant? The like plant – it grows based on how many likes their video gets.

Why did the YouTuber start a cooking channel? Because they wanted to whisk their audience away.

What do you call a YouTuber who doesn’t have any subscribers? An influencer in training.

Why don’t YouTubers tell each other their sub count? They don’t want to start a sub war.

How many YouTubers does it take to screw in a light bulb? Just one, but they’ll probably make a Light Bulb Hacks video.

Why did the YouTuber become a minimalist? So they could set up their studio anywhere.

What do YouTubers say when they finally hit 1 million subscribers? Finally, I can start paying rent.

Why did the YouTuber start a workout channel? Because they wanted to flex their editing skills.

What’s a YouTuber’s favorite class in school? Video Production 101.

How do YouTubers get their exercise? By constantly jumping on and off video trends.

Why did the YouTuber stop playing piano? He was tired of getting demonetized for playing copyrighted music.

What do you call a group of YouTubers? A vlog jam.

Why did the makeup tutorial YouTuber get lost? She forgot to contour her map.

Why did the YouTuber take forever to finish his video? He was stuck in editing purgatory.

What do you get when you cross a cat video with a cooking tutorial? Whisker lickin’ good food!

Why did the YouTuber go on vacation to the Arctic Circle? He wanted to film a “chilling” vlog.

Why don’t YouTubers need a personal trainer? They’re always working on their reps and views.

How do YouTubers prepare for a live stream? They practice hitting the go live button.

Why did the vegan YouTuber refuse to eat bacon? He didn’t want to get pork demonetized.

Why did the YouTuber get lost in the forest? He was too busy filming and forgot to use his Google Maps.

What do you call a YouTuber that’s always cold? A vlog-sicle.

Why do YouTubers never get lost? They always have their subscribers to guide them.

Why did the beauty guru get banned from YouTube? Her contouring skills were just too good.

Why did the YouTuber bring a chicken to the movie theater? He heard the film was poultry in motion.

Why did the conspiracy theory YouTuber cross the road? To get to the other side of the fake moon landing.

Why did the gaming YouTuber start a candle business? He wanted to sell scents of victory.

Why did the YouTuber go on a water slide with his camera? He wanted to shoot some tubular footage.

Why do YouTubers never get cold feet? They’re always warm with their subscribers’ support.

Why did the YouTuber cross out all his New Year’s resolutions? He realized he was already perfect.

Why did the YouTuber get arrested in the library? He was too loud while filming a whisper challenge video.

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