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50+ Jokes About Underwear

Hey there, you cheeky little panty thief!

Are you ready for some belly-aching laughs and giggles about the most private article of clothing in our wardrobe?

Yes, we’re talking about underwear!

Whether it’s boxers, briefs, thongs, or granny panties, we all wear them (well, most of us do, we hope).

And let’s face it, there’s something hilarious and absurd about this piece of cloth that’s supposed to cover our private parts and yet manages to crawl, twist, and ride up into uncomfortable positions.

So sit tight, pull up your undies, and get ready to chuckle, snort, and guffaw at our handpicked selection of 50+ belly-warming jokes about underwear!

Let’s dive in, shall we?

Jokes About Underwear

Why did the bra break up with the panties? They were not supportive enough!

How do boxers say hello? With a fly bump!

Why did the briefs go to the doctor? They had skid marks!

What do you call a thong that doesn’t fit? An uncomfortable wedgie!

What do you call a pair of underwear that keep telling jokes? Laughingstock!

Why did the panties refuse to go on a date? They were too occupied with their BVDs!

What do underwear and yoga pants have in common? They both stretch to your limits!

What kind of underwear does a turtle wear? A shell-shaped thong!

Why did the boxer shorts have a bad day? They got into a tight spot!

Why did the granny panties visit the optometrist? They lost sight of their waistline!

Why did the bra cross the road? To get to the other sideboob!

How do you know when it’s time to do laundry? When your underwear starts creeping up on you!

What do you call a magical pair of panties? Enchanting briefs!

What do you call underwear that’s too small? An under-where!

Why did the thong break up with the butt cheeks? Things started rubbing them the wrong way!

Why did the boxer briefs quit their day job? They just couldn’t handle the pressure!

How do you make a pair of underwear float? By putting some light reading in there!

Why did the boxer shorts get a promotion? They had some great support!

Why did the briefs join the choir? They wanted to be part of the ensemble!

How do you know when it’s time to throw away your underwear? When it’s not keeping any secrets anymore!

What do you call a pair of underpants made out of paper? Briefly.

Why did the banana put on underpants? Because it was kumquatting.

What do you call it when boxers wear briefs? A brief encounter.

Why did the underpants go to court? They were charged with supporting a bad case.

Why did the boxer shorts go to the gym? To get ripped.

What did the underwear say to the bra? I’m following you because I want to be your support system.

Why did the underpants refuse to open the door? They were already supporting enough.

Why do underwear and fruit have so much in common? Because they both come in bunches.

Why did the man put his underwear on his head? To keep his ideas in his head.

Why did the boxer shorts go to the beach? To get sand in their pants and fight it out like a man.

What do you call a pair of underpants made by a chef? G-string.

Why did the boxer shorts go to the amusement park? To have some fun and swing around on a rollercoaster.

What did one pair of underpants say to the other pair? Our connection is brief but intimate.

Why did the man refuse to wear underpants? He was sick of getting tied down.

What do you get when you cross underpants and a parachute? A really good use for any bologna skin.

Why do elephants wear pink underpants? To blend in with their surroundings.

Why did the man wear rubber underpants? He didn’t want to get wet in case of an accident.

What do you call underpants that are worn by a chess champion? Check-mates.

Why did the boxer shorts go to the zoo? To see all the trunks.

Why did the underpants need instructions? Because they were brief.

Why did the underwear go to the doctor? It was feeling briefly unwell.

What did the boxer shorts say to the briefs? You’re always cutting me off!

How do you know if your underwear is too tight? When it’s briefs-ly apparent.

What do you call underwear that is always happy? Jolly shorts.

Why do ghosts wear underwear? To keep their sheets clean.

What do you call underwear that’s always late? Boxer delays.

How did the underwear catch the thief? It gave a brief description to the police.

Why don’t underwear go to the gym? They prefer to have a more relaxed fit.

Why did the underwear let the dog out of the backyard? It was barking up the wrong tree.

What do you call underwear that doesn’t fit properly? A mis-underwear-standing.

Why did the man keep his underwear in the freezer? He wanted to have chilled briefs in the morning.

Why did the woman embroider her underwear? She wanted to wear a pretty undie-queen.

What’s the difference between a bad comedian and a pair of underwear? One tells stale jokes, the other is a stale joke.

What’s the underwear’s favorite food? Fruit of the Loom.

Why don’t superheroes wear normal underwear? They need briefs with superpowers.

How do you make a small fortune selling underwear? Start with a large fortune and open an underwear shop.

What does a good pair of underwear and a bad date have in common? They both leave you feeling brief-ly disappointed.

Why did the underwear go to school? It wanted to get a degree in briefology.

How do you fix a hole in your underwear? With a patch of brief material.

Why don’t mom’s let their kids pick their own underwear? They don’t want them to have a brief-ly embarrassing moment.

Up to You!

Well, well, well, you made it to the end of 50+ jokes about underwear!

That’s quite an achievement.

You must be feeling pretty pant-astic right now.

Whether you’re a briefs, boxers, or commando kind of person, there’s one thing we can all agree on: underwear is a hilarious topic.

So let’s keep the laughter going and remember to always wear clean undies in case of emergency (or unexpected laughter-induced accidents).

Until next time, keep your pants on (or don’t, we won’t judge).

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