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50+ Jokes About Tuesday

Hey there, you!

So, you’ve managed to survive Monday.


But what about Tuesday?

That’s right, the most underrated day of the week.

It’s the day when you start to realize that the weekend is still so far away.

But fear not, we’ve got 50+ jokes about Tuesday that will make you forget all about that midweek slump.

Get ready to laugh your way through the day with these hilarious quips and puns.

So sit back, grab a coffee and let’s get through Tuesday together!

Jokes About Tuesday

Why did Tuesday get an award? It was outstanding in its field.

What do you get when you cross a Tuesday with a Friday? Still no weekend.

Why don’t they make movies about Tuesdays? They’re too boring to watch.

What’s the difference between Monday and Tuesday? One letter and a world of pain.

How do you know Tuesday is serious? It’s wearing its tie.

Why is Tuesday the worst day for dieting? It’s still too far from Cheat Day.

What’s a pirate’s favorite day of the week? Tuesday, because they can say Aye, Aye, Tuesday!

What do you call Tuesdays that go too fast? Tacos de al pastor.

What did one Tuesday say to the other? I’m just trying to get through the week, one pointless meeting at a time.

Why did the bicycle fall over on Tuesday? Because it was two-tired.

What’s the opposite of Monday? Tuesday, the second-worst day of the week.

What’s the best part about Tuesdays? It’s the day before Wednesday.

Why was Tuesday happy? It finally got some recognition with Taco Tuesday.

Why don’t we get excited about Tuesday? Because we’re still recovering from Monday.

Why can’t Tuesday catch a break? It’s not quite enough of hump day.

What do you call a Tuesday that feels like a Monday? A twosday.

How do you make Tuesday more exciting? Add a taco and it’s tons Tuesday.

Why is Tuesday always grumpy? It hates being sandwiched between Monday and Wednesday.

What do you get when you cross Tuesday with a kangaroo? A bouncing boring day.

Why is Tuesday sometimes the worst day? Because it’s when reality sets in that we still have three more days until the weekend.

Why did the chicken cross the road on Tuesday? To get to Taco Tuesday!

What did Tuesday say to Wednesday? I’m not Monday, but I still hate you.

Why was Tuesday always sad? Because it was the only day of the week without a catchy nickname.

What’s the best thing about Tuesdays? Nothing. Nothing at all.

Why did the calendar skip Wednesday and go straight to Thursday? Because nobody would have noticed if Tuesday disappeared.

Why is Tuesday never exciting? Because Monday stole all the good vibes and Friday took all the fun.

Why do we wear our Tuesday best? Because it’s easy to dress up for the second-worst day of the week.

What do you call a Tuesday that’s too cold? A frigid Tuesday!

What’s the difference between Monday and Tuesday? About 24 hours.

Why is Tuesday always hungry? Because it’s Taco Tuesday, of course!

Why do we call it Taco Tuesday? Because it sounds better than Let’s eat the same thing we ate all weekend.

Why is Tuesday the worst day to be a detective? Because you’re a day behind on all the clues.

Why do we have to suffer through Tuesdays? To make us appreciate Wednesdays a little more.

Why did Tuesday think it was better than Monday? Because it was one day closer to Friday.

What do you get when you combine two Tuesdays? A Weekday Double Feature!

Why was Tuesday always so sleepy? Because it followed Monday’s coffee-fueled madness.

How do we know Tuesday is the saddest day? Because it always Cheers us up by following Wednesday.

Why do we call it Taco Tuesday and not Taco Any Day of the Week? Because alliteration is everything.

Why do we always feel like we’re running late on Tuesdays? Because the rest of the week just creeps by.

What’s the only thing Tuesday has going for it? At least it’s not Monday.

Why did the Tuesday cross the road? To get to the other weekday!

What do you get when you cross a Tuesday with a Friday? Tues-yay!

Why don’t scientists trust atoms on Tuesdays? Because they make everything radioactive!

Why did the calendar feel sad on Tuesday? Because it was stuck in the middle of the week!

Why did the rapper make a song about Tuesday? Because it rhymes with “blues day”!

Why did the rock band refuse to play on Tuesdays? Because they didn’t want to get stuck in a mid-week jam!

Why do pirates love Tuesdays? Because every ship they rob is carrying “Tues-dough”!

Why does Tuesday always feel like the longest day of the week? Because it’s the day before “hump day”!

Why did the witch put a spell on Tuesday? Because it was the only day of the week that started with a “T”!

Why don’t ghosts haunt houses on Tuesdays? Because they like to rest on their “boo-tay”!

Why do people always forget about Tuesdays? Because they’re busy trying to keep up with Monday’s drama!

Why did the comedian tell a joke about Tuesday? Because it was his “T” time to shine!

Why do people always feel tired on Tuesdays? Because they’re still recovering from “Mondayitis”!

Why did the office worker hate Tuesdays? Because it’s always “Meeting Madness Day”!

Why do chefs love Tuesdays? Because they get to use “Taco Tuesday” as an excuse to make delicious Mexican food!

Why do people always go to the gym on Tuesdays? Because they want to start the week off with “Toned Tuesday”!

Why did the scientist conduct his experiments on Tuesday? Because “Test-it-out Tuesday” sounded catchier than Monday!

Why do students have a hard time getting up on Tuesdays? Because they’re still dreaming of the weekend!

Why did the farmer always have good luck on Tuesdays? Because his crops were always ripe on “Harvest Tuesday”!

Why do people always feel like they’re in a time warp on Tuesdays? Because it’s like they’re stuck in a “Toosday” loop and can never move forward!

Up to You!

So, there you have it, folks!

50+ jokes about Tuesday to get you through the longest day of the week.

Whether you’re feeling blue or just need a good laugh, these jokes are sure to hit the spot.

So go ahead and share them with your friends, family, and co-workers – after all, who couldn’t use a little bit of humor on a Tuesday?

And remember, if all else fails, just remind yourself that at least it’s not Monday!

Happy laughing!

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