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50+ Jokes About Too Much Snow

Hey there, snow queen/king!

Do you find yourself buried in snow up to your knees?

Winter wonderland turned into your own personal snow hell?

Fear not, because we’ve got the perfect cure for your winter blues: 50+ jokes about too much snow!

Get ready to chuckle your way out of your snowed-in situation with hilarious one-liners and puns that will make even Frosty the Snowman crack a smile.

So grab a cup of hot cocoa, warm up those chilly fingers and get ready to laugh until the snow melts away!

Jokes About Too Much Snow

I tried to make a snowman, but I snowed too much and ended up with a snow mountain.

I can’t even see my driveway anymore, it’s become a snow way!

I thought winter was supposed to be white, not white-out conditions every day.

I’ve become a world-class shoveler, but I never signed up for this extreme snowsport.

I don’t need a gym membership, I get my workout just by shoveling all this snow.

I’ve started to think that all the extra snow on the roads is just an excuse for bad drivers.

I asked my neighbor if he had seen the groundhog, he said he couldn’t tell because of all the snow.

I guess I’m just going to have to throw in the towel, or rather, the shovel, since the snow keeps piling up.

I’m so over it, I just want to blast away the snow with a flamethrower.

I’m so used to trudging through snowdrifts, that walking on flat ground feels like a vacation.

I thought it was called ‘snowflake’, not ‘snow-boulder’ or ‘snow-brick’.

I’m pretty sure there’s more snow in my yard than in all of the mountains combined.

I tried to build an igloo out of all the snow and ice, but it turned out more like a house of cards.

I never knew you could get a sunburn on your face while shoveling snow until today.

I’ve started to believe that snow is just a conspiracy created by the meteorologists.

I think the snowplows have given up, they just keep pushing the snow to the side, creating a new mountain range.

I’ve been so busy shoveling that I haven’t had time to build a snowman, so instead I built a snow-angel.

I’m not sure if I’m more afraid of the snow or the frostbite, but either way I’m not leaving the house.

I’ve decided to open up a ski resort in my backyard, since the snow seems to be here to stay.

I thought I heard someone say ‘let it snow’, but I didn’t realize they meant every day for the next month.

What do you call a snowman who’s had too much to drink? Still sober, since he’s made of snow!

Why did the snowman refuse to leave his igloo? Because it was freezing outside!

How do you make a snowman disappear? Just wait for the sun to come out!

The snow outside was so deep, I had to put on my boots just to answer the phone!

Why couldn’t the bicycle stand up in the snow? Because it was two-tired!

What do you call a snowman with a bad attitude? A cold shoulder!

I tried to build an igloo out of all the snow in my front yard, but it turned out to be a snowfort-nightmare!

Why did the snowman cross the road? To get to the snow-cone stand on the other side!

What do you call a snowman with a six-pack? An abdominal snowman!

The snowflake was so big, I had to wear a hard hat just to go outside!

I slipped on the ice outside so many times, I have more bruises than an apple at the bottom of a barrel!

What do you call a snowman that throws tantrums? A flake-out artist!

I’m not sure if I’ve gained weight or if my clothes have shrunk, but I feel like a stuffed snowman!

Why do snowmen like to dance? Because they have cool moves!

I tried to go skiing, but the snow was so deep I ended up cross-country shuffling instead!

What do you call a snowman who cheats on his wife? A cold-hearted cheat!

It snowed so much, I couldn’t even open my front door without shoveling first!

Why couldn’t the snowman keep a straight face? Because he was flaking out!

I must have walked through a foot of snow to get to work this morning, but it was worth it to hear my boss say snow problem as a pun.

How much snow does it take to bury a car? It depends on how much you really want to get rid of it!

Why couldn’t the snowman go to work? Because he got snowed in!

I hear the ski resorts are charging extra for the option to ski on the roof of the lift.

What do you call a snowman with a six-pack? An abdominal snowman.

Why did the snowman refuse a second cup of cocoa? He was already up to his nose in marshmallows.

Why did the snowbank break up with the snowdrift? They just couldn’t see eye-to-eye.

Why was the snowman so popular? He was always the coolest guy at the party.

What did the snowplow driver say when he called his boss to report a problem? I don’t think we have enough salt for this.

Why did the snowflakes break up with each other? They just didn’t want to be stuck together anymore.

Why did the Eskimo cross the road? To get to the other snowbank.

What did the snowman order at the restaurant? A frozen pizza with extra cheese.

Why did the snowman wear a hat? To keep his thoughts from freezing.

Why couldn’t the sled dog run anymore? He was too pawsed out.

Why did the snowman go on a diet? He was starting to look a little flakey.

What did the snow angel say to the ice sculpture? You’re a real cool dude.

Why did the polar bear climb the tree? To get above the snowdrifts.

What do you call a group of snowmen? A congregation.

Why did the snowman refuse to pay his heating bill? It would have melted him down!

What did the snowman say to the other snowman? Are you feeling frosty today?

Why did the skier cross the trail? To get to the coffee shop on the other side.

What do you call a snowman without a nose? Whatever you like, he won’t be able to smell you anyway!

Up to You!

Now that you’ve read through 50+ jokes about too much snow, it’s safe to say that you’re either a winter-lover or a winter-hater.

But no matter which camp you fall into, we can all agree on one thing: snow days give us the perfect excuse to stay inside and indulge in a little Netflix and chill.

So, stay cozy, stay safe, and remember to always have a shovel handy.

Until next time, stay frosty, my friends!

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