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50+ Jokes About Thursday

Hey you!

It’s Thursday and you’re probably wondering what’s so special about this day of the week.

Well, let us tell you – we’ve compiled 50+ hilarious jokes about Thursdays that will make you forget about the fact that you still have two more days until the weekend.

From puns to one-liners, we’ve got it all.

So, buckle up and get ready to laugh your way through the day!

Jokes About Thursday

Why does Thursday always feel like it’s dragging its feet? Because it’s almost Friday!

Why was Thursday sad? Because it felt like it was the forgotten day of the week.

What did Thursday say to Monday? I’m like you, but with hope.

Why did Thursday refuse to join Friday and Saturday for a drink? It’s responsible for getting people to Friday, it can’t be wasted!

What does Thursday say when it wants to be part of the weekend? TGI almost F!

What do you call a Thursday that’s feeling down? A throw-sad-day.

Why is Thursday like a sloth? Because it moves slowly toward the weekend.

What did Thursday say after accomplishing a lot during the week? I can finally see Friday from here!

Why is Thursday a great day to tackle a crossword puzzle? Because it’s Third-Letter T day!

Why did Thursday refuse to be the middle of the week? It didn’t want to be the meat in the sandwich.

Why do people always forget about Thursday? Because it’s hidden right in the middle, like a secret little ninja day.

What’s Thursday’s favorite punctuation mark? The semicolon – because it’s almost Friday, but not quite!

Why was Thursday always the class clown? Because it knew how to get the week rolling again.

What do you call a Thursday that’s feeling optimistic? A throw-more-day!

Why did Thursday feel like it was in a traffic jam? Because everyone was honking its name to hurry up to Friday!

What does Thursday say when it feels like it’s not appreciated enough? I’m just a day, standing in front of a weekend, asking it to love me.

Why did Thursday switch to decaf coffee? It’s too early in the week to be this hyper!

Why does Thursday always leave people feeling undecided? It’s the day that’s neither here nor there.

What did Thursday say to Wednesday? I’m not as bad as Monday or Tuesday, but I’m not as good as you!

Why did Thursday feel like it was two days away from Friday? Because it was Thirsty! (Thursday+H)

Why did the calendar think Thursday was a comedian? Because it always made a joke out of the week.

What’s the best day to make a pie? Thirsty Thursday!

Why do people hate Thursdays? Because they’re one day away from Friday, but feel like a million miles from it.

Why did the turkey cross the road on Thursday? To get to Thanksgivings Day.

What do you call a Thursday that’s also National Coffee Day? A wake-up call.

Why is Thursday never sad? Because it’s always Thirsty!

What do you call a boring Thursday afternoon? An infamous nap time!

Why do Thursdays always feel longer than any other day of the week? Because it’s sandwiched in between hump day and Fri-yay!

What’s the difference between Thursday and Friday? Two drinks.

Why did the chicken cross the road on Thursday? To get to the other side of the day.

What do you call a Thursday that feels like a Monday? A sign that you need more coffee.

Why did the banana go to work on Thursday? Because it wanted to peel important.

What’s a Thursday’s favorite accessory? A cool pair of shades to throw shade on the rest of the week.

What do you call a Thursday that wants to be a Friday? A fraud-day.

Why don’t aliens come to Earth on Thursdays? They’re scared of the Thirsty Thursdays T-shirt parties.

What do you call a Thirsty Thursday happy hour that never ends? “Oh, everyone’s getting drinks? I Can’t Stop Now!”

Why did Thursday cut school? It needed a 3-day weekend.

Why is Thursday the best day for a doctor’s appointment? Because the end of the week feels like a new beginning.

Why did the cat go to work on Thursday? To make claw-some progress!

What do you call a Thursday that’s always in a hurry? A “thurry” to get things done!

What did Thursday say to the rest of the week? Why do you guys get all the attention? I’m Thor’s day, for crying out loud!

What’s the difference between Wednesday and Thursday? One’s hump day, the other’s slump day.

Why did Thursday turn down Friday’s invitation to go out? Because it was Thursday night and she had already committed to a Netflix binge.

What do you get when you mix Thursday with a pun? A dis-Thur-bing joke.

How does Thursday feel about being sandwiched between Wednesday and Friday? I’m just here for the paycheck, he said with a sigh.

Why did Thursday cross the road? To get to the weekend, duh!

What’s the most exciting thing about Thursday? It’s one step closer to Friday.

How does Thursday keep himself organized? He uses a Thurrific planner.

Why is Thursday always thirsty? Because he’s the day before the weekend and he needs to hydrate for all the partying.

What did the calendar say when it saw Thursday approaching? I see it’s almost Thor time!

Why did Thursday get a second job? To pay his Thor-a-pee bills, of course.

What do you call a Thursday without any work to do? A Thurst for adventure.

What’s Thursday’s favorite day of the week? Trick question, he hates them all equally.

Why did Thursday start a fight with Friday? He was jealous that everyone loves Friday more.

What’s the difference between Thursday and a broken pencil? One’s pointless, the other’s just another day.

How does Thursday stay motivated? He listens to Thunderstruck on repeat.

Why did Thursday’s therapist tell him to take a chill pill? He was stressing out about the weekend approaching.

What’s Thursday’s favorite type of music? Rock, because he’s all about that Thor bass.

What did Thursday say when asked if he wanted to take a day off? I’m not just a day of the week, I’m a paycheck. Where’s my money?

What’s the best way to celebrate Thursday? By pretending you’re Thor and wielding a hammer.

Up to You!

Well, congratulations!

You’ve made it through 50+ jokes about Thursday.

We hope we were able to tickle your funny bone and bring a little bit of laughter to your day.

So, if you’re feeling a little blue, just remember that Thursday is not only the day before Friday, but it’s also a great opportunity for some punny humor.

Keep chuckling and enjoy your Thursday!

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