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50+ Jokes About Spring For Adults

Hey you!

Ready to lighten up and welcome the season of new beginnings with a good laugh?

Spring is in the air, and what better way to celebrate than with some hilarious jokes that will put a spring in your step and a smile on your face!

We’ve got 50+ rib-tickling jokes about blooming flowers, chirping birds, and everything else that makes this season so darn delightful.

So, grab a cup of coffee, sit back, and get ready to chuckle!

Jokes About Spring For Adults

What do you call a chicken during springtime? A spring chicken.

Why did the tree break up with the other tree? Because it wanted to branch out this spring.

What do you get when you cross a spring day with a grumpy person? A spring fever.

Why was the math book sad during spring? Because it had too many problems.

Why did the butterfly get a restraining order during spring? Because it was stalking the flowers.

What’s the difference between winter and spring? You can run through fields in spring without getting snow in your shoes.

Why don’t antelopes play basketball in the spring? Because they can’t handle the jump shots.

How many springs does it take to change a light bulb? None, the bulb will just bloom on its own.

What do you call a pig that loves spring? A pig-nic enthusiast.

Why did the duck sing in the rain during spring? Because it was a quack singer.

What’s the best way to break up with someone in the spring? Just tell them you need some space and it’s time for some spring cleaning.

Why are bees extra busy in the spring? Because they’re trying to get a head start on their honey-do list.

What did the tree say to the flower during spring? ‘What’s up, bud?’

Why is spring the best time to visit Paris? Because the Eiffel Tower is in full bloom.

Why did the flower go to the doctor during spring? Because it had pollen allergies.

What do you call a spring day in Alaska? A polar sun-day.

Why did the baseball team go on vacation during spring training? They were looking for some spring breakers.

How do you tell the difference between weather in winter and spring? It’s hard to do, but it helps if you know what clothes to leave at home.

What do you call a snowman during the springtime? A slush puppy.

Why did the jogger wear a mask during spring? To avoid catching the pollen 5k.

Why did the bee stay in his hive during spring? He was pollenophobic!

What do you call a snowman in the spring? A puddle.

Why did the gardener plant his money? To get a bank-full of flowers!

How does a tree get on the internet? It logs in.

What did the dogwood tree say to the cherry blossom tree? You’re a bloomin’ idiot!

Why shouldn’t you tell an egg a joke in the spring? Because it might crack up.

Why can’t you take a nap in a park during spring? Because you might wake up chlorophyll-atied.

Why did the cows go on strike during spring? They were fed up with being milked without getting their hooves wet.

Why do flowers never drive cars? Because they always get stamened!

What did the tree say to the grass? Hey, do you want to come over for some rind-digestion?

Why did the frog call the psychic hotline during spring? She was hopin’ for a change in the future.

What do you call a bunch of rabbits hopping backward in a field of tulips? A revolting development!

What do you call a group of bunnies marching to the North Pole during spring? A hare-brained scheme!

How do you know when spring has arrived? The birds tweet about it.

Why don’t plants ever get angry? They have too many stems to hold a grudge.

Why did the duck go to jail during spring? He got caught selling quack merchandise.

What do you call a rabbit that’s really good at math during spring? An ewe-nique exponent!

Why couldn’t the flower attend her own wedding during spring? She was still in-bud.

Why does the Easter Bunny always hop around so much during spring? Because he’s got a lot of egg-citement in his life!

What did the carrot say to the asparagus during spring? Hey, you’re looking very sp-ear-ly!

Why doesn’t spring trust the calendar? Because it always falls behind!

What is spring’s favorite genre of music? Classical, because it loves to hear the birds sing!

Why did the tree in the park break up with winter and start dating spring? Because spring knows how to make it bud!

Why do people love spring so much? Because it’s the perfect time to finally break out their summer bodies, or their quarantine 15 as they like to call it.

What do you call a horse that can predict the weather in spring? An equinox pro.

What’s spring’s favorite vegetable? May-peas!

What’s the best way to irritate a spring cleaning enthusiast? Tell them it’s time to start your own spring cleaning by dropping a mask you wore in 2020!

Why does spring struggle to find a soulmate? They’re always chasing after fall, and fall is too busy with winter to even think about spring.

Why did the caterpillar refuse to go to his cocoon in spring? He wanted to stay out and show off his butterfly swag!

What do you call a group of ducks singing love ballads in spring? A quacktastic choir!

Why do spring sports enthusiasts look down on winter sports? They think there’s no way to compete with the spring in their step.

What do you get when a flower and a lawyer have a baby in spring? A petal lawsuit!

Why did the frog hop into the lake in spring? Because it was feeling pond-erful!

What do you call a bee in spring that keeps muttering to itself and won’t leave the flowers alone? A bit pollenT-ederal.

Why did the farmer plant his crops in spring? Because he didn’t want to be caught in the fall and left all alone, like pumpkin!

What do you get when you cross a grumpy accountant and a spring day? An irritable May-tax!

What do you call a lovesick gardener in spring? A soil mate!

Why do flowers challenge each other to races in spring? They want to petal to the metal!

What do you call a spring fashionista who loves to wear a flower crown? Flower power!

Why did the calendar skip spring? Because it got distracted by all the April fools pranks and forgot to turn the page!

Up to You!

So, there you have it – 50+ jokes that perfectly sum up the ups and downs of spring.

From the beauty of blossoming flowers to the chaos of spring cleaning, there’s no denying that this season is a mixed bag.

But through it all, we hope these jokes brought a smile to your face and maybe even made you laugh out loud.

So go forth and enjoy the springtime – just don’t forget to bring your allergy medicine and your sense of humor!

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