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50+ Jokes About Snow White

Hey there, you lucky seven!

Are you ready to laugh yourself silly?

Because we’ve got 50+ jokes about the fairest of them all, Snow White!

From her seven dwarf buddies to her evil stepmother, we’ve got jokes for every character in this classic tale.

So grab a poison apple and settle in for some side-splitting humor.

But be warned: these jokes are so good, even Grumpy might crack a smile!

Jokes About Snow White

Why did Snow White’s stepmother have such a hard time making her jealous? Because she was always too busy hanging out with the seven dwarfs!

What’s Snow White’s favorite type of fruit? Poison apple!

Why did Snow White go to the casino? To play seven-dwarf blackjack!

What kind of detergent does Snow White use to clean her clothes? Seven-UP!

Why didn’t Snow White get a job as a weatherman? Because she always said fair and dwarfy!

What did Snow White say when she met the prince? At last, someone who’s not seven inches tall!

Why did Snow White’s stepmother make her clean the house? Because she wanted her to have a happy, dwarfy life!

What do you get when you cross Snow White with the Big Bad Wolf? Little Red Riding Hood with seven dwarfs!

What did the prince say when he asked Snow White to marry him? I’ve never met a woman who was so white!

Why did the mirror refuse to lie to Snow White’s stepmother? Because it didn’t want to get stuck with her as its fairest owner forever!

What did Snow White say when she saw the seven dwarfs doing their laundry? This must be how they get all the dirt out of their mines!

Why did Snow White’s stepmother always cook with an apple? Because she liked having a fruity aroma around the house!

What did Snow White say when she saw the seven dwarfs wearing speedos at the beach? This is why they’re called short shorts!

Why did Snow White overtake the Ice Queen? Because she was seven times cooler!

What do you call a Snow White that is a detective? Sherlocked White.

Why did all the dwarfs refuse to play chess with Snow White? Because she always insisted on being the one to call the dwarfy gambit!

What did Snow White say when she saw the seven dwarfs digging in the woods? This must be where they buried their old jokes!

What was Snow White’s stage name when she performed with seven dwarfs? The Fairest Act of Them All!

Why did Snow White’s stepmother always send her into the woods? Because she was hoping to get a new and better mirror!

What did the rose tell Snow White when she visited him in the garden? Dwarfy things come in small packages, my dear!

Why did Snow White go to the doctor? She kept feeling grumpy!

What did the seven dwarfs say when Snow White started singing? Hi ho, hi ho, it’s off-key we go!

Why did Snow White give up being a teacher? She couldn’t control the seven dwarfs in her class!

Why did Snow White go to the bank? To cash in her seven dwarfs!

How does Snow White like her coffee? With seven creams and seven sugars!

Why did Snow White have trouble sleeping? She kept hearing the dwarfs snore!

Why did Snow White call her stepmother the Wicked Witch? She couldn’t pronounce her real name!

What do you call a snowman that looks like Snow White? A Snow White-woman!

What did the mirror say when Snow White asked it who was the fairest of them all? Sorry, I’m fogged up and can’t see anything!

Why did Snow White’s neighbors complain about her cleanliness? She used up all the bleach in the neighborhood to keep her clothes that white!

Why did the seven dwarfs go to Vegas? They needed a break from mining and wanted to hit the Seven-Eleven casino!

How did Snow White get her glass coffin so clean? She had the seven dwarfs sparkle it for her!

Why did Snow White refuse to play football with the dwarfs? She didn’t want to be tackled by Dopey!

Why did Snow White think Grumpy was the smartest dwarf? Because he knew all the answers for the crossword puzzles in the daily paper!

Why did Snow White buy a pet turtle? So it could race against the slowest dwarf!

What do you get when you cross Snow White and a kangaroo? A hoppy-ending fairy tale!

Why did Snow White buy a pressure cooker? So she could cook all seven dwarfs’ meals at once!

What did Snow White think of her prince’s horse? She thought it was a real stall-ion!

Why did the seven dwarfs pick on Bashful? He was the shiest one in the group, and they knew he wouldn’t object!

Why did Snow White need a tutor? She couldn’t tell her prince from her pauper!

Up to You!

Well, there you have it, dear reader!

50+ jokes about Snow White, and we hope they left you grinning from ear to ear like the Cheshire Cat.

From jabs at the seven dwarves to Snow White’s apple obsession, we’ve covered it all.

So whether you’re looking to entertain your kids or impress your friends with your wit, these jokes are sure to do the trick.

Just be careful when you’re walking through the forest and come across an old woman offering you a snack.

You never know what kind of punchline she might have up her sleeve!

Thanks for reading, and keep on laughing.

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