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50+ Jokes About Snow In The Spring

Hey you!

Are you tired of the never-ending winter?

Well, it’s time to laugh off your winter blues with 50+ hilarious jokes about snow in the spring!

From snowmen melting before they’re even built, to shoveling the driveway in shorts and flip flops, these jokes will have you snowballing with laughter.

So grab a hot cocoa, cozy up by the fire, and get ready to chuckle your way through the last few dreary days of winter.

Let’s dive in!

Jokes About Snow In The Spring

Looks like Mother Nature got confused and gave us snow instead of April showers.

This spring weather is really flaky… literally.

I guess we can finally use all those ‘Let It Snow’ Christmas decorations.

Springtime: when you can experience all four seasons in one day.

Who needs flowers when you have a fresh blanket of snow?

I didn’t know it was possible to have a snowstorm and allergy season at the same time.

Just when you thought it was safe to put away your winter coat…

I don’t always shovel snow in the spring, but when I do, I prefer to wear flip flops.

Can we just skip this whole ‘spring’ thing and go straight to summer?

Spring: the season of the white Easter bunny and the white snow.

It’s official: winter is the ex that just won’t go away.

This is what happens when Jack Frost forgets to set his alarm for spring.

The only thing blooming in my garden right now is icicles.

I was feeling optimistic about the season change until I woke up to a winter wonderland.

Spring flurries: because nothing says ‘happy new season’ like a snow day in April.

I don’t mind a little snow in the spring; it adds some diversity to my wardrobe.

Looks like the groundhog got his prediction wrong… again.

Who said snowmen were just for Christmas?

Why did the snowman have a meltdown in the spring? Because he was too attached to winter.

Spring: the season that makes you appreciate summer even more.

Why was the snowman angry in the spring? Because he thawed it was still winter!

Did you hear about the spring snowstorm that hit the East Coast? Yeah, it was a real flake news!

Why did the ski resort close early this spring? Because they couldn’t handle the massive amount of slush fund money!

Why don’t snowmen like the spring? Because it’s melting their style!

What do you call a group of snowflakes that fall in the spring? A snow-balls up!

What does a snowman say to his friend in the spring? I’m melting with anticipation for next winter!

Why is it so hard to make snowballs in the spring? Because the snow’s not very frosty anymore!

Did you hear about the time Frosty tried surfing in the spring? Yeah, he wiped out big time!

Why was the snowman so happy in the spring? Because he finally got to take off his scarf!

What do you call a snowman that can survive the spring? Snow-suvivors!

Why did the polar bear gather all his friends in the spring? To sing the entire Frozen soundtrack, of course!

What do you get when you cross a snowman and a bird in the spring? A melting snowbird!

How do snowmen keep cool in the spring? They chill out in the freezer aisle!

Why don’t snowmen play outside in the spring? Because the weather can be such a flurry of surprises!

What does Elsa from Frozen say in the spring? Let it go…let it gooo…the snow’s melting anyway!

What do you call a snowman that’s still standing in the spring? A miracle on icy!

Did you hear about the ice cream shop that opened in the middle of a spring snowstorm? Yeah, it was a slushy grand opening!

Why did the snowman call his friends in the spring? To start planning their next winter vacation!

What did the snowman say on the first day of spring? Just 274 days until winter returns!

Why is the abominable snowman so sad in the spring? Because it’s getting harder and harder for him to find his snow-covered cave!

Why did the snowman refuse to leave in the spring? He had a frosty attitude.

What do you call a snowball in the spring? A swimming hazard.

How does a snowman feel when it meets the warm spring sun? Snow-melted.

Why did the polar bear visit the tropics in the spring? To escape from the snow.

How do snowflakes feel when they start melting in spring? Absolutely deflated.

Why did the snowman wear a top hat in the spring? To keep his cool.

What’s the difference between a snowman in winter and spring? In the winter, they’re merry; in the spring, they’re mushy.

Why don’t skeletons go out in the snow in the spring? They’re afraid of catching a cold.

What do you call a snowman on a skateboard in the spring? A slushie on wheels.

Why do penguins dread the spring? They hate the thought of swimming in melted snow.

What did one snowflake say to the other in spring? I feel tears in my eyes, and the spring in my heart.

How do polar bears celebrate the arrival of spring? By sunbathing on icebergs.

Why did the snowman’s nose turn orange in the spring? He had a carrot allergy.

What do snowmen do on their day off in the spring? They go to tanning salons.

Why do snowmen never get sleepy in the spring? They have too much coffee to keep themselves from melting.

What do you call a snowman after a month of warm spring weather? A sad puddle.

What’s the most confusing thing about the spring snow? It’s like having a water balloon fight in the Arctic.

Why did the snowman quit his job in the spring? He was tired of turning into a snowcone every day.

How do snowmen cheer themselves up in the spring? By listening to sunshiny music.

Why did the snowman refuse to go to the beach in spring? He didn’t want to be mistaken for a sandcastle.

Up to You!

Well, well, well!

You made it to the end of 50+ jokes about snow in the spring.

You must be a snow-vivalist!

(See what we did there?) Regardless, we hope you found these jokes as hilarious as we did and that they warmed you up on the inside.

Now, let’s hope spring finally decides to make an appearance soon.

Until then, keep your puns sharp and your snow shovels at the ready!

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