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50+ Jokes About School Dinners

Hey there, do you remember the good ol’ days of school?

Where you used to walk into the canteen and smell something that could only be described as a mix of cheap cheese and boiled shoes?

Ah yes, school dinners.

The one thing you could always rely on to be consistently terrible.

But fear not, because we’ve compiled a list of 50+ jokes about school dinners that will have you feeling nostalgic and thankful for the lunch you have now.

So grab your tray and get ready to laugh till you cry (or until the smell of mashed potato hits you).

Jokes About School Dinners

Why did the tomato turn red? Because it saw the school dinner lady coming.

What do you get when you cross a school dinner with a horse? A triple-decker hamburger.

Why did the chicken cross the school dinner? To get to the other side.

What’s the difference between a school dinner and a rock? You can’t eat a rock.

Why did the boy bring a ladder to school? To reach the school dinner.

What do you call a school dinner that’s bad for you? The principal’s favorite.

Why aren’t school dinners ever hot? Because they’re always testing the fire alarm.

How do you tell if it’s a school dinner or a science experiment? Taste it and find out.

Did you hear about the school dinner that went bad? It needed a long detention.

What do school dinners and gym class have in common? They both end in tears.

Why don’t school dinners come with a money-back guarantee? Because they know you’ll be back.

Did you hear about the school dinner that was a little fishy? It ended up in the principal’s office.

Why are school dinners like a bad dream? You can’t escape them.

Why did the vegetable get a bad grade? Because it was a school dinner.

What do you call a school dinner that’s shaped like a triangle? A mystery meat pizza.

Why don’t school dinners have to follow health guidelines? Because the dieticians are on vacation.

How do you make a school dinner taste good? Add some ketchup and hope for the best.

Why did the apple refuse to be part of the school dinner? Because it wanted to keep its stem clean.

What do you get when you mix school dinners with a science fair project? A recipe for disaster.

How do you know when a school dinner is done? When the smoke detector goes off.

Why did the apple refuse to eat the school dinner? Because it had already been core curriculum.

Why did the student refuse to eat the cafeteria food? Because it was too principal-oriented.

Why was the cafeteria always empty? The food was just too elementary.

What’s the difference between school lunch and a horror movie? In one, you pay to be frightened, and in the other, you pay to get food poisoning.

Why did the student bring a ladder to the cafeteria? To reach for the stars (on the moldy ceiling).

What do you call a stunning school lunch? A unicorn in the cafeteria.

Why did the student stare at the food for an hour before eating it? To mentally prepare for the upcoming stomachache.

What’s the difference between school food and prison food? One is supposed to be nourishing, and the other ensures that you won’t be imprisoned again.

What do you call a chef who works in a school cafeteria? A lunch lady with a questionable love of processed cheese.

Why did the school forbid students from bringing their own lunches? To keep the dentists employed.

What do you call a day when the school cafeteria serves edible food? A miracle on campus.

What is the only lesson learns from school lunches? The ancient art of avoiding the worst food on the menu.

Why was the school meal so dry? Because it had done too many laps around the ghetto bird’s nest.

Why is there no roof on the school cafeteria? So that the lunch lady can see when it’s raining soup.

Why does the peanut butter sandwich always win in a school cafeteria fight? Because it’s the breadwinner.

What did the teacher say when a student complained about the cafeteria food? Buckle up, kid. Life gets a lot worse than this.

Why did the school install security cameras in the cafeteria? To ensure that someone was watching the canned food being served.

What did the cheese say to the bread in the school cafeteria? You slice through me like a knife through warm butter.

Why did the student refuse to eat the cafeteria’s turkey? Because the only thing turkey about it was the name.

What do you call a school lunch that doesn’t make you feel like a zombie? A mythical creature that doesn’t exist.

Why did the chicken refuse to be served at school lunch? Because it was too chicken to face the students!

Why did the salad go to the principal’s office? Because it was dressing inappropriately!

Why did the tomato turn red in embarrassment during school lunch? Because it saw the carrot in a compromising position with the broccoli!

What’s the difference between school lunches and a disaster? You can actually prevent a disaster!

Why did the burger get detention for being late to school lunch? Because it had a beef with the school cafeteria!

Why did the potato complain to the teacher about school lunch? Because it was mashed with no choice!

Why did the spaghetti feel so lonely at school lunch? Because it had no macaroni to talk to!

What kind of music do school lunches listen to? Food-kin Roll!

Why did the student get in trouble for licking their plate clean at school lunch? Because they were caught red-handed licking their chops!

Why did the hotdog get an A+ in school? It was always the wurst in class!

Why did the burrito’s grades suffer at school? It was always getting wrapped up in trouble!

What do you get when you cross a school lunch with a clown? A jester of fries!

Why did the cheeseburger fail its exams at school? It was over-easy and under-prepared!

What did the grape say to the apple at school lunch? You’re the apple of my i!

Why did the bread get grounded by its parents? It was loafing around too much at school!

How do school lunches prepare for a big test? They cram-berries!

Why did the chicken curry refuse to dish out the truth about school lunch ingredients? It didn’t want to spill the beans!

Why did the student have trouble keeping up with the school lunch schedule? They could never ketchup!

Why did the lunch lady get fired from her job? She was feeding the students a bunch of baloney!

Why did the pizza feel so much pressure during school lunch? It had too many supporters, but no toppings to back them up!

Up to You!


You’ve made it to the end of 50+ glorious, gut-busting school dinner jokes.

As you wipe the tears of laughter from your eyes and reminisce on your own questionable cafeteria experiences, it’s clear that school dinners are a topic that will never lose its hilarity.

Whether your lunch consisted of mystery meat or soggy vegetables, one thing is for sure – these jokes have provided a much-needed break from the monotony of daily life and have left you feeling (at least a little bit) grateful for the culinary gems that await you outside of the school gates.

So grab a tray, load up on the bread rolls, and keep the school dinner laughs coming!

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