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50+ Jokes About Rainbows

Hey you, rainbow enthusiast!

Are you ready to add some color into your day with 50+ hilarious jokes about rainbows?

You’ll be tickled pink, oh wait, we meant “tickled rainbow” by these puns and one-liners.

From leprechauns searching for their pot of gold to colorful arches leading to unexpected surprises, these jokes will have you rainbow laughing until the skies clear up.

Let’s get started on this pot of laughter at the end of the rainbow!

Jokes About Rainbows

Why did the leprechaun cross the rainbow? To get to the pot of gold at the other end.

Why was the rainbow wearing a cape? To signal its hero-arch.

What did the rainbow say when it saw the thunderstorm? I think I’m getting a little cold from the rain.

How do unicorns know where to find rainbows? They follow the Sean Carroll’s Imaginary Landscapes.

Why doesn’t the rainbow wear pants? Because it’s already colorful enough.

What do rainbows and slimy snails have in common? They both leave beautiful trails.

What do you call a rainbow who is always tired? A yawn-bow.

Why do rainbows like to stand near the edge of the clouds? For a better view of the people who smile during rain.

Why did the unicorn eat the rainbow? Because it wanted a delightfully colorful dessert.

Why did the rainbow go to the doctor? To get a check of the spectrum of light, it was emitting.

What do you call a rainbow that can’t stop laughing? A giggle-arc.

What did one rainbow say to the other? I’m feeling a little green today. Can you cover for me?

How do rainbows stay organized? They use spectrums.

What do you call a rainbow that goes on a diet? A light rainbow.

Why don’t rainbows ever go on vacation? They prefer to stay put in rainbow land.

Why were the colors of the rainbow arrested? For disorderly conduct.

How does a rainbow apologize? It offers a colorful sorry.

Why do rainbows always look like they are running away? Because they are nailing their sprint training every day.

What do people use to measure a rainbow’s length? A prismometer!

Why did the rainbow wear stripes to the party? So that everyone can admire their bright, cheerful personality.

Why did the rainbow refuse to work? It was already doing a job in the sky!

Why did the leprechaun chase the rainbow? He was hoping to catch a pot of glitter at the end!

What did the rainbow say to the cloud? I’m head over clouds for you!

Why was the math book sad after seeing a rainbow? It realized it could never divide something into so many colors!

What do you call a bear standing in the middle of a rainbow? A pot of honey!

Why was the computer fascinated by the rainbow? It was trying to understand how it processed colors!

What do cows do when they see a rainbow? They go moo at the end of it!

Why was the rainbow sad? It couldn’t decide if it was happy or sad to be so colorful!

How did the rainbow feel when it lost its colors? Dis-SPRAY-ed!

Why did the rainbow break up with its partner? Because they always saw things in black and white!

What do you call a rainbow that loves to run? A marathon of colors!

What did the rainbow say to the sun? You light up my world!

Why was the butterfly excited after flying through a rainbow? She finally got her wings in all 7 colors!

Why did the frog visit the rainbow every day? To catch some colorful flies!

Why do people love to take pictures of rainbows? They’re snapping into colors!

What do you call a group of rainbows? A spectrum of beauty!

What did the painter say to the rainbow? You give me a stroke of inspiration!

Why did the rainbow like to climb mountains? It was looking for higher colors!

What did the snail say after crawling through a rainbow? I finally found my shell-ters in all the colors!

How do you impress a rainbow? By showing it your true colors!

Why did the rainbow break up with the cloud? Because the cloud was always raining on its parade!

What did the leprechaun say when he spotted a rainbow? Oh no, someone stole my pot of gold and left me a colorful clump of yarn!

Why did the farmer try to catch the rainbow? To find the end of it and use it as a natural irrigation system for his crops!

What did one rainbow say to the other? Dude, stop copying my colors! Get your own ROYGBIV sequence!

Why did the unicorn refuse to play with the rainbow? Because the unicorn’s horn was already rainbow-colored, so it felt like a copycat.

Why did the butterfly land on a rainbow? To add a seventh color to the mix!

Why did the scientist study rainbows? To prove that even light likes a good game of hopscotch!

Why did the paintbrush refuse to paint rainbows anymore? Because it couldn’t stand seeing all those colors mixing together in one place.

What did the cat say to the rainbow? Somebody’s been eating too many skittles, haven’t they?

Why did the genie grant a wish for a rainbow? Because he thought it was a clever way to get a pot of gold without having to steal it.

Why did the rainbow cross the street? To chase after a moth that had flown off with one of its colors!

What did the tree say to the rainbow? Hey, buddy, I’ll trade my green for your yellow if you want a change of scenery!

Why did the rock and the rainbow become best friends? Because they both knew what it was like to be subjected to people’s finger-pointing and exclaiming, Look, a rock/rainbow!

Why did the bird decide to perch on a rainbow? To fulfill its lifelong dream of blending in with nature and disappearing entirely.

What did the alien say when it saw a rainbow on Earth? Ok, who left the prism out in the open? That’s just careless!

Why did the dog bark at the rainbow? Because it knows that it’s the best way to get someone’s attention and demand some belly rubs.

Why did the artist paint a rainbow on their canvas? To capture all the colors of the wind, just like Pocahontas!

What did the rainbow say when the clouds asked why it was always alone? I’m not lonely! I just prefer to be a solo act, unlike those thunderstorms who always come in pairs!

Why did the rainbow become a celebrity? Because every time someone saw it, they had to whip out their phone and snap a picture of it for Instagram.

What did the ant say when it saw the rainbow? Well, I guess I better find a pot of honey at the end of this thing, since there’s no gold for me!

Up to You!

Well, there you have it!

50+ hilarious jokes about rainbows that are sure to brighten your day.

From cheesy puns to witty one-liners, we hope these jokes have brought a smile to your face and put a skip in your step.

Whether you’re chasing rainbows or just looking to add some color to your day, we hope you’ve enjoyed this pot of gold at the end of the proverbial rainbow.

So go out there and spread some rainbow cheer, because after all, laughter is the best medicine… and a rainbow is the best cure for a rainy day!

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