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50+ Jokes About Rain Storms

Hey there rainy day friend!

Are you tired of staring out the window, waiting for the storm to pass?

Let’s make the most out of this watery weather with 50+ hilariously witty jokes about rain storms!

From puns to one-liners, these jokes will keep you entertained while Mother Nature does her thing outside.

Ready to turn those rainy day blues into laughs?

Let’s dive in!

Jokes About Rain Storms

Why did the umbrella break up with the raincoat? It needed some space to spread its wings.

Did you hear about the thunder and lightning that got into an argument? It was an electrifying debate.

What do you call a wet teddy bear? A drizzly bear.

Why was the computer cold during the rainstorm? It left its Windows open.

What do you call a pessimistic rain cloud? A downpour-spirited cloud.

What do you call a baby raindrop? A dewdrop.

Why do rain clouds complain so much? They’re always under a lot of pressure.

What’s the difference between a snowman and a rainman? The snowman wears a hat while the rainman wears a hood.

Why did the frog need a lily pad during the rainstorm? He didn’t want to jump into a pool.

Why did the girl wear extra socks during the storm? So she wouldn’t get smelly feet.

Why do ducks love rain? So they can show off their waterproof feathers.

What do you get when you cross a rainstorm with a tornado? A twisterific downpour.

What do you call a rainy day in the desert? A mirage-ical experience.

Why do people always want to go to the beach after a rainstorm? Because it’s the perfect time for a shore thing.

What do you call a person who is always complaining during a storm? A thunder grumbler.

Why was the meteorologist afraid of the rainstorm? He was just a little weather-wary.

Why did the tomato turn red during the rainstorm? It was blushing with all the compliments from the rain.

Why do people never eat during a rainstorm? They’re always too puddled with emotion.

What do you call a rainy carnival? A wet-and-wild fair.

Why didn’t the mushroom want to play outside during the rainstorm? It didn’t want to get spore-y.

Why did the tomato turn red during the storm? Because it saw the rain blush!

Why do the French like to dance during thunderstorms? Because they love to cha-cha-cha-t.

What do you call a wet bear? A drizzly bear!

Why don’t lightning bolts like to go to the gym? Because they hate to sweat!

How does a thunderstorm apologize? It strikes a thunderbolt of remorse!

Why were the clouds so upset? Because they couldn’t attend the rain’s party!

What do you get when you cross a snowstorm with a thunderstorm? Sleet and thunder!

What do you call a town that gets a lot of rain? A smart city because it’s all about the precipitation planning!

What do you do if you get lost in the rain? Just pour yourself a cup of tea, it will always find its way home!

Why is it hard to tune a piano during a storm? Because you can’t keep a lightning bolt from striking a key!

What did one lightning bolt say to the other? You never remember to bring the thunder!

What’s black and white and never stops raining? A stormtrooper!

Why did the squirrel seek shelter under the tree in a rainstorm? Because it forgot its umbrella!

What do you call a frog that likes to sing in the rain? A croaker!

Why do some people kiss in the rain? Because they believe in getting a wetter kiss!

What do you call a jacket that’s good in rainy weather? A rainy coats!

How does a thunderstorm send a text message? It roars into the skies and sends out a lightning bolt!

Why did the man stand outside in the rain with an open mouth? Because he wanted to save on water bills!

Why did the cloud go to the dentist? To get its filling!

What do you call a wet donkey? A rain-apore!

Why did the umbrella break up with the raincoat? They just weren’t a good match.

What did the lightning say to the thunder? You’re so loud, it’s shocking.

How do you know if it’s going to be a wet Halloween? When the rain boo’s.

If April showers bring May flowers, what do May flowers bring? April showers.

Why do ducks hate rainy days? They prefer to quack in the sunshine.

Why did the meteorologist go outside during the storm? To get some wet weather data.

What do you call a storm in a tropical fruit salad? A pineapple-apple-lemon storm.

Why can’t you hear a pterodactyl go to the bathroom during a rainstorm? The thunder covers up the sound.

Why did the tomato turn red during the storm? It saw the salad dressing.

What did the rain say to the pavement? I just wanted to wet all over you.

How does a raindrop know where to go? It follows the weather forecast.

What do you call a wet bear? A drizzly bear.

Why did the man run down the street with a bucket during the storm? He wanted to catch all the leaks in one place.

What do you call a fish caught during a rainstorm? A thunder-prawn.

Why did Mary Poppins refuse to go out during the rainstorm? She didn’t want her umbrella to get soaked.

What did the rain say to the roof? You got me covered.

Why did the frog bring an umbrella to the pond? Just in case it croaks.

What did the meteorologist say when he called in sick during a rainstorm? He was under the weather.

Why did the bicycle stay inside during the storm? It didn’t want to get rusted.

What do you call a big pile of wet leaves? A soaking garden.

Up to You!

Well, there you have it, you little raindrop!

Sixty jokes about rain storms to make you laugh and forget all about those soggy days.

Whether you’re singing in the rain or cursing at the thunder, these jokes will brighten up your mood and put a smile on your face.

From puns to one-liners, we hope you found them all amusing and worth sharing with your fellow pluviophiles.

So, next time the skies open up and the rain starts pouring down, don’t let it dampen your spirits!

Think of these jokes and let the laughter wash away all your worries.

Stay dry and see you next time, my witty friend!

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