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50+ Jokes About Quiet

Hey you, quiet one!

Feeling left out of all the loud, attention-grabbing jokes?

Well, fear not, because we’ve got a whole bunch of hilarious jokes just for you.

From library puns to silent movie gags, these 50+ jokes about being quiet are guaranteed to tickle your funny bone without making a peep.

So sit back, relax, and get ready to laugh silently to yourself (we won’t tell).

Jokes About Quiet

Why was the librarian always so quiet? She wanted to book up the silence.

Why did the mime get kicked out of the library? He made too much noise with his invisible book.

Why is silent laughter so contagious? Because it’s always trying to be heard.

What do you call someone who doesn’t laugh at your jokes? Silent but deadly.

Why did the ghost have such quiet footsteps? He was hauntingly polite.

Why did the singer quit his day job? He was constantly told to keep it down.

What’s the quietest place in the world? The library, except for when someone sneezes.

How do you get a quiet person to talk? Give them a microphone and an audience.

What do you call a group of introverts? The Quiet Storm.

Why did the shy pumpkin avoid Halloween? Too many people shouting Trick or Treat!

What do you get when you cross a mime and a ninja? A silent assassin.

Why was the ninja always so stealthy? She didn’t want to wake the baby dragon.

How do you know if a mime is happy? The smiles are so quiet you have to listen closely.

What’s the best way to get a quiet person’s attention? Whisper their name softly in their ear.

Why did the herd of sheep prefer the quiet life? They were always looking for their next ewe-nique experience.

What kind of music do quiet people love? De-silence.

Why did the owl refuse to hoot? He didn’t want to bother his neighbors.

Why did the baker’s croissants fall silent? They were too stuffed to speak.

What advice do you give a shy cook? Just add a little seasoning to spice up your quiet life.

Why did the ninja cross the road so quietly? So the enemy wouldn’t hear her coming.

Why did the librarian break up with the quiet book? It just wasn’t her volume of choice.

Why did the shy snail go undercover? It wanted to blend in with the background.

What do you call a silent storm? A hush-a-cane.

How do you describe an introverted computer? It’s very quiet.

What do you call a quiet bear? A muffle-o.

Why was the mime sent to therapy? He just couldn’t find his voice.

What do you get when you cross a mouse and a librarian? A quiet reader.

Why did the library get angry with the book? It was making too much noise โ€“ turning so many pages.

What do you call a turtle without vocal cords? A silent shell.

Why did the introverted cat refuse to go to the party? It was too loud and brash for its taste.

What do you call a silent inferno? A hush fire.

What do you get when you cross a ninja and a librarian? A stealth reader.

Why did the explosive device never make any sound? It was a silent bomb.

What do you call a quiet game of charades? Silent communication.

Why did the introverted fish keep to itself? It didn’t want to make any waves.

What do you call a quiet fog? A silent mist.

Why do librarians like quiet people? They don’t check out as many books.

What do you get when you cross a mime and a librarian? Silent reading.

What do you call a quiet puppy? A hush-hound.

Why do shy people make the best detectives? They like to keep a low profile.

Why did the librarian quit? Because she lost her voice from shushing people too much.

Why did the mime visit the bank? To withdraw some silent cash.

Why did the banana go to the library? To learn about hush-rooms.

Why did the rock band called Silent Thunder become so popular? Because their songs were completely deafening.

How do you teach an introverted musician how to play louder? You don’t – they’ll always be quiet legends.

How do you tell if someone is truly silent? Put them in a room full of noisy people and watch how they don’t react.

What do you call a horse that never neighs? A quiet steed.

Why did the magician start performing silent tricks? Because he wanted to be more spell-binding.

Why was the library so crowded even during lunch hour? Because everyone wanted to check out some silence.

What did the teacher say to the noisy student? Shhh, you’re making the quiet kids nervous.

What did the doctor prescribe for the patient with chronic silence? A shot of loud music.

Why did the speaker at the conference get so nervous before their big talk? They were worried they’d be too quiet for the microphone.

Why did the ghost get thrown out of the quiet library? Because nobody could focus on their reading with all the booing.

What do you call a silent cat burglar? Stealth paw-lice.

Why did the yoga class move next door to the silent movie theater? To get some peaceful enlightenment.

What do you call a sculptor who only works with mute material? Silent artist.

What do you call a chef who only makes quiet meals? Whisperers.

Why was the church so quiet during the sermon? Because the deaf congregation couldn’t hear the preacher.

Why did the mime refuse to go on a silent retreat? Because they couldn’t mime their way out of a conversation with themselves.

What do you get when you cross a mime with a ninja? A silent assassin.

Up to You!

Well, congratulations on making it through these 50+ jokes about quiet!

You must be a real noise expert by now.

Whether you’re looking for a witty come-back to a loudmouth, or just need a good chuckle to brighten your day, these jokes have got you covered.

Remember, sometimes it’s the quiet ones who have the most to say, so never underestimate the power of a hushed voice.

So go ahead, share these jokes with your friends and don’t be afraid to make some noise – or not!

Keep laughing and stay quiet-tastic!

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