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50+ Jokes About Ordering Food

Hey there hungry reader!

Are you ready for some laughter with your order?

We all know that food is no joke, but sometimes the way we order it can be.

From picky eaters to drive-thru disasters, we’ve rounded up 50+ hilarious jokes about ordering food that will have you spitting out your soda (but hopefully not your food!).

So sit back, grab a fork, and get ready to chow down on some humor.

We promise you won’t leave disappointed (unless your food order gets messed up, of course).

Let’s get to it!

Jokes About Ordering Food

I tried ordering a pizza with extra cheese, but it just ended up being a cheesy joke.

I ordered a medium rare steak, but it came out a rare medium. I asked the waiter for a recommendation, and they said The specials are very special today.

I ordered soup for my meal, but it was more like a bowl of disappointment.

I asked for my burger to be cooked well-done, but it came out medium-well done.

I tried to order a vegetarian dish, but it was a missed steak.

I asked for a dish to be spicy, but it was more like a bland attack on my taste buds.

I asked for extra pickles on my sandwich, but I got a pickle sandwich with extra bread.

I ordered a side salad, but it was more like a why did I even bother? salad.

I ordered a dessert, but it was so small I could have missed it if I blinked.

I asked for ketchup, but they gave me mustard and said Close enough.

I ordered a soup and sandwich combo, but got a sandwich and a half.

I asked for my fries to be extra crispy, but they were more like extra soggy.

I ordered a milkshake, but it was so thick I think I pulled a muscle trying to drink it.

I tried to order a full-course meal, but the waiter said they only offered full-of-course meals.

I asked how spicy the salsa was, and the waiter said It’s hot enough to make a volcano jealous.

I ordered a dish with all the fixings, but got a dish with none of the fixings.

I asked for a to-go box, and the waiter brought me a shoebox.

I ordered a steak for two, but it was more like a steak for one-and-a-half.

I asked for a burger with everything on it, and they put everything except the kitchen sink.

Why did the tomato turn red? Because it saw the salad dressing.

Why was the computer cold when it arrived? Because it left its Windows open.

Why did the chicken cross the road? To get a bucket of KFC.

Why did the cookie go to the doctor? Because it felt crumbly.

What did the waiter say to the horse that walked into the restaurant? Why the long face?

Why did the fruit punch go to jail? Because it was charged with battery.

What’s the difference between a poorly dressed man on a trampoline and a rich man in a suit? Attire.

Why did the pepper refuse to dance with the salt? It had too much seasoning.

What do you call a sandwich that doesn’t like to be eaten? A loaf of bread.

Why did the grape stop in the middle of the road? Because it ran out of juice.

Why did the orange refuse to drink the juice? It had too much pulp.

Why did the mushroom go to the party? Because he was a fungi to be with.

What’s the difference between a sandwich and a high school student? One’s easy to order and the other order is easy.

What do you get when you cross a vegetable with a clock? A quarter to cauliflower.

Why did the lobster go to the gym? To get his claws in shape.

Why did the onion go to the dentist? To get its bite back.

What did the waiter say to the fly in the soup? The soup’s off.

Why did the peanut butter go to the doctor? Because it was feeling nuts.

Why did the apple break up with the grape? Because it didn’t want to get stomped on.

Why did the burger go to the bank? To get a loan for more cheese.

Why did the tomato refuse to go on a date with the lettuce? It felt like it was getting too saucy too quickly.

Why did the steak go to therapy? It had a rare condition.

What did the customer say when the waiter asked how they wanted their eggs cooked? The customer said they didn’t know, they’d never given them a script before.

Why did the burger break up with the fries? Because they were too salty.

What did the pancake front say to the bacon back? You might want to wrap it up, because I’m about to flip out.

What did the vegetable say when ordering a drink? “I’m really thirsty, can I get a salad water?”

Why did the soup fail its driving test? It couldn’t find a ladle good enough.

How did the bread introduce itself to the mayonnaise? With a bread-baking grin.

Why do leftovers never go out on Friday night? Because they’re too comfortable sitting at home.

Why did the customer ask the waiter for a fork? Because they found the napkins too hard to digest.

How did the grape feel about ordering a beverage? It was vine with the idea.

Why did the avocado order extra guac? The server said it was the right thing to do.

What did the fruit salad say to the entree? “Don’t get too excited, I’m just a side piece.”

Why did the customer ask for ketchup on their salad? They wanted to catch up to their friend who’d ordered pizza.

What did the scrambled eggs say to the bacon? “We should really fry to be better friends.”

Why did the fork refuse to leave the dinner plate? It was feeling too attached.

What did the hot dog say to the hamburger? “You’re looking pretty bunned up today.”

Why did the customer ask for a thin crust pizza? They didn’t want to bite off more than they could chew.

What did the chicken breast say to the turkey leg? “Stick with me and we’ll make one lean and mean meal.”

Why did the diner ask for extra cheese? They wanted to grate expectations.

Up to You!

Well, there you have it!

You’ve reached the end of the line for delicious, eye-watering and stomach-turning jokes about ordering food.

Whether you’re a fast-food junkie, a gourmet chef, or just someone who loves puns, we hope these jokes have left you laughing and craving a good meal.

Just remember, if you’re ever at a restaurant and can’t decide what to order, just whip out one of these jokes and see if you can get the server to crack a smile (or give you a confused look).

Better yet, try making your own food jokes – the punnier the better!

Thanks for reading, and bon appétit!

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