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50+ Jokes About Old Clothes

Hey, you there!

Do you still keep those old clothes that you can’t fit into but just can’t seem to throw away?

Then boy, do we have a treat for you!

Get ready for 50+ gut-busting, tears-streaming-down-your-face funny jokes about old clothes.

From mothball infestations to fashion disasters, we’ve got it all covered.

So sit back, pull out that threadbare sweater, and get ready to laugh until your sides ache.

Let’s dive in, shall we?

Jokes About Old Clothes

Why did the scarecrow wear old clothes? He’d been in the field for years.

My wardrobe is like a time machine, except it only goes back one season.

I don’t always wear old clothes, but when I do, they’re vintage.

My closet has clothes so old, they’re in black and white.

I have a shirt so old, it’s considered a family heirloom.

My old clothes are like my exes – I’m not going back to them.

My old pants are so tight, they feel like sausage casings.

I hope my old clothes become fashionable again soon, so I can pretend I’m just ahead of the curve.

My closet is like a museum exhibit on the evolution of fashion, but without the funding or prestige.

My old jacket is so worn, it’s basically just a bunch of loose threads knotted together.

My old sneakers are so beat up, they look like they’ve been through a tornado.

I’m not sure if my old sweatshirt is gray or just covered in so much lint that it’s become its own ecosystem.

My old t-shirt has so many holes, it looks like it’s been attacked by a swarm of moths.

My old dress is so outdated, it’s officially retro again.

My old hat is so faded, it’s like someone bleached it with the sun.

My old gloves are so worn, they’re less like gloves and more like mittens with fingers.

My old scarf is so stretched out, it could double as a jump rope.

My old socks are so thin, you could read a newspaper through them.

My old suit jacket is so moth-eaten, I’m pretty sure it’s got more holes than Swiss cheese.

My old jeans are so faded, they’re practically see-through.

Why did the old shirt refuse to move? It was stuck in a wrinkled past.

What do you call a shirt that’s been worn by every member of a family for generations? A hand-me-down memory.

What do you get when you cross an old dress with a sewing machine? A straight-stitch in time.

Why do old pants never go out of style? They just make a comeback later.

What do you call an old t-shirt that’s been transformed into a scarf? A neckerchief in time.

How do you know when a shirt is really old? The tag says vintage instead of limited edition.

What’s the difference between an old suit and a new one? About 50 years.

Why did the old dress go to the doctor? It had a vintage fever.

Why do old clothes always smell musty? Because they refuse to move on with their lives.

What’s another name for a vintage jacket? A wooly mammoth coat.

How did the old pants feel when they were finally retired? Waistful.

What do you call an old sweater that refuses to be thrown away? An eternal knit-spiration.

What do you get when you cross an old suit with a new one? A time warp in style.

Why did the old jeans hang themselves in the closet? They just couldn’t live up to their high-waisted expectations.

What do you call an old pair of shoes that refuse to part ways? Solemates.

Why did the old hat get so excited? It was finally back in style after all those years.

How do you know if an old coat was owned by a celebrity? It has more holes than a Hollywood career.

Why do old clothes always end up in the attic? They’re too sentimental to throw away.

What do you get when an old dress meets a new dress? A fashion clash from the past.

Why did the old outfit go viral on social media? It was finally in vogue after all those decades.

My old shoes are so worn out, they’re holding on by a thread…literally.

My favorite old sweater is so stretched out, it’s gone from a medium to a tent.

These pants are so old, they’ve got more holes than a golf course.

My old denim jacket has seen better days…in the ’90s.

My old shirts have more wrinkles than my grandpa’s face.

These socks are so old, they’re basically just holes with a hint of fabric.

My old leather boots are so scuffed, they look like they’ve been through a war.

My old hats are so worn, they’re practically see-through.

These sweatpants are older than the internet.

My old ties are so outdated, they belong in a museum of bad fashion.

My old blazers are so boxy, I look like a walking cardboard box.

My old scarf has been around so long, I wouldn’t be surprised if it had its own passport.

My old dress shoes are so uncomfortable, it feels like I’m walking on Lego bricks.

These old workout clothes have been with me through thick and thin…mostly thick.

My old winter coat is so bulky, I need a forklift just to move around in it.

These old pajamas have more holes than Swiss cheese.

My old baseball hat has so much wear and tear, it looks like it’s been stepped on by a herd of elephants.

My old sweaters have been around so long, they’ve become family heirlooms.

These old shorts have faded so much, they look like they belong in a black and white movie.

My old rain boots are so leaky, I might as well be walking in a kiddie pool.

Up to You!

So there you have it, my fashionista friend!

You may have thought your old clothes were just for the donation bin, but now you have 50+ hilarious ways to appreciate their timeless style (or lack thereof).

Who knew that moth holes and stains could inspire such comedy gold?

So go ahead, embrace your inner thriftiness and wear those vintage gems with pride.

And whenever someone asks why you’re rocking that retro look, just hit ’em with one of these one-liners.

Trust us, they’ll be laughing too hard to question it.

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