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50+ Jokes About Nuns

Hey you naughty little sinner!

Have you ever wondered what nuns do all day long behind those thick convent walls?

Well, we’ve got a treat for you!

Get ready to chuckle your sins away with our list of 50+ hilarious jokes about nuns.

From choir practice to confession booths, these jokes will have you laughing all the way to confession.

So buckle up, grab your rosary beads, and let’s dive into the funniest nun jokes that will make you feel like a little angel.

Jokes About Nuns

Why did the nun sit on a balloon? To pop her holy-cherry!

What do nuns do for fun? They go to church.

Why did the nun take a break from singing? Her voice was a little nun-too-holy!

What’s the difference between a nun and a penguin? Nothing, they’re both always wearing tuxedos!

Why did the nun cross the road? Because she was feeling blessed!

How do nuns exercise? They kneel down every time they pray!

What do you call a nun playing soccer? Sister Mary Goal!

Why did the nun refuse to ride the rollercoaster? She had no faith in herself!

What do you call a nun who doubles as a DJ? Sister Spin!

How do you know if a nun is asleep? You hear her snore, Hail Mary! Full of grace!

Why do nuns always wear black and white? It’s their version of Friar Tuck!

Why did the nun enter the beekeeping contest? She wanted to be a honey nun!

How do nuns clean their ears? With holy cotton swabs!

What’s a nun’s favorite dance move? The Holy Ghost Shuffle!

Why did the nun go to the hardware store? She needed a new habit!

How do you get a nun to swear? You ask her to Say a prayer for the @#$%&* Yankees!

What’s a nun’s favorite video game? Super Mario Nun!

Why did the nun carry a ruler everywhere? So she could measure the size of sins!

Why did the nun go to the doctor? She was feeling a little un-holy!

How do you make a nun laugh? Tell her a holy joke!

What do you call a group of nuns in a hot tub? Holy bubbles!

Why did the nun join a basketball team? She wanted to be a part of the sisterhood.

Why was the nun mad at the computer? It kept saying CTRL ALT DELETE instead of Amen.

Why did the nun go to a seafood restaurant? She heard they served holy mackerel.

How does a nun sneak around? In her habit Why don’t nuns wear makeup? They prefer the natural beauty of a penguin.

What do you call a nun who’s a rapper? Sister Act-ion.

What’s black and white and red all over? A nun rolling down a hill.

Why don’t nuns wear high heels? They prefer a more habit-ual wardrobe.

Why did the nun take a job at a hair salon? She wanted to be the curl of the community.

How does a nun get to sleep? She counts sheep … one holy mother, two holy mothers …

Why did the nun use a ruler when she was cooking? She liked to keep her holy measurements in check.

Why did the nun cross the road? To get to the other convent.

Which kind of bars do nuns prefer? The ones inside convents.

What do you call a nun who’s always on the internet? Si-Si-Sister.

Why did the nun go to the dentist? She wanted to get a few habits pulled.

How does a nun make a confession? She kneels in front of a Holy Mackerel Box.

What do you call a nun who’s always sleeping? A nap-tist.

Why don’t nuns do their own laundry? They prefer a wash and pray cycle.

How do you know if a nun is a vegetarian? She never orders the mother-of-all-stakes.

Up to You!

So there you have it, your holy dose of laughter.

50+ jokes about nuns that will make you go from “Hail Mary” to “LOL Mary”.

Whether you’re a Catholic school alumnus or just a fan of good old-fashioned humor, these jokes will surely tickle your funny bone.

Don’t worry, there’s no need to repent for laughing at these nun jokes – just remember to pray for forgiveness for the ones you shouldn’t be giggling at.

Now go forth and spread the laughter, but don’t forget to keep it holy!

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