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50+ Jokes About Neptune

You know it’s going to be a hilarious journey when you’re exploring the far reaches of space and stumble upon the blue planet Neptune.

And what better way to discover the outer realms of humor than with 50+ jokes about Neptune?

Whether you’re an intergalactic traveler or just a fan of bellyaching laughter, get ready to blast off into a galaxy of puns, one-liners, and cosmic humor that’s out of this world.

So buckle up, bring out your space boots and let’s take a laugh-filled ride to the eighth planet in our solar system.

Jokes About Neptune

Why didn’t Neptune invite the other planets to his party? Because he wanted to be the center of his own universe!

What do you call Neptune when it’s upset? A sea-sick planet!

How does Neptune keep its pants up? With an astro-belt!

Why did Neptune go on a diet? Because it was feeling a little pluto-nium!

What did Neptune say when asked if it was a gas giant? No, I prefer to think of myself as a cosmic ball of fun!

Why did Neptune become an astronaut? To join the space squadron!

How does Neptune stay cool? By hanging out in the shade of its many rings!

Why did Neptune cross the asteroid belt? To get to the Milky Way on the other side!

What did the sun say when it saw Neptune in a swimsuit? You’re looking blue-tiful!

Why did the aliens refuse to visit Neptune? Because it was too cold. They said they prefer planets with a warmer reception!

What do you call a group of sea creatures on Neptune’s moon Triton? The Neptunian Navy Seals!

Why did Neptune feel left out of the solar system party? Because it wasn’t invited to Uranus!

What does Neptune say to its moons when they misbehave? I’ll have to give you the cosmic spanking of a lifetime!

How do we know Neptune is a jokester? Because it always makes astronomical puns!

Why did Neptune spend so much money on its space travel? Because it’s a planet of astronomical wealth!

What did the little planet tell Neptune when it was feeling down? Cheer up, buddy. It’s just a phase you’re going through!

Why is Neptune the coolest planet in the solar system? Because it’s always surrounded by ice!

What did Neptune say when it got a speeding ticket on its orbit around the sun? I was just trying to stay ahead of the curve!

What does Neptune have in common with a pirates’ treasure chest? They’re both full of moons!

Why did the astronaut get seasick on Neptune? Because it was feeling a little out of its element!

Why did the astronaut break up with Neptune? It was too far away.

What did the Neptune say when it met the Earth? You’re out of this world!

Why did Neptune forget to pay its bills? It was gas-giant.

What do you call a group of aliens visiting Neptune? The Neptunians.

Why did the sun never invite Neptune to its party? It was always too chilly for the sun.

What do you call a Neptune that never stops spinning? A real whirlwind!

What do you call a Neptune that’s a little rough around the edges? A rocky-planet.

Why did the astronaut take a ship to Neptune? To get his bearings and Neptune cartographer.

Why is Neptune always so blue? It’s got the planet blues.

What’s the biggest challenge of living on Neptune? Finding a dry cleaner that can handle space suits.

Why did the aliens love visiting Neptune? Its atmosphere was out of this world.

Why did the Neptunians get into a fight with their interstellar neighbors? They thought they heard them call their planet Nerptune.

Why does Neptune never get invited to the inner solar system parties? It’s always too far out.

What did the planet Neptune say when its moon left for Earth? Don’t forget to write your-space!

What do you call a Neptune with a great sense of humor? A laugh planet.

Why did the astronaut avoid the storms on Neptune? He didn’t want to end up in Neptune’s eye.

What do you call a Neptune with a lot of atmosphere? A gas-trophysics student.

Why did the astronaut cancel his trip to Neptune last minute? The weather forecast called for gas clouds.

Why did the intern quit her job at the Neptunian zoo? The planet wouldn’t stop talking about Uranus.

What do you call a Neptune after a long night? A tired-ritarian planet.

Up to You!


You’ve made it to the end of 50+ Neptune jokes!

Are your sides sore from laughing yet?

It’s clear that no planet (sorry, Pluto) is safe from the wrath of our hilarious puns and clever one-liners.

From wind speeds to ring systems to the god of the sea himself, Neptunian humor knows no bounds.

So next time you’re gazing up at the night sky, remember these jokes and you’ll surely be the life of any stargazing party.

Until then, keep laughing and exploring the cosmos!

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