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50+ Jokes About Moving

Hey you mover and shaker!

Are you getting ready to pack up your life and move to a new place?

Well, we know that moving can be a stressful and exhausting experience, but we’ve got just the thing to lighten the mood.

We’ve compiled 50+ hilarious and relatable jokes about moving that will have you laughing all the way to your new home.

So, take a break from packing those boxes and let’s get moving with these jokes!

Jokes About Moving

Why did the couch feel relieved after the move? Because it finally got a seat change.

What’s the opposite of moving? Standing still, or having too much furniture.

Did you hear about the heavy piano they tried to move upstairs? It was a flight case of emergency.

Why did the moving company owner quit? He couldn’t take the heavy responsibility.

Did you hear about the house that got sold? Yeah, it doesn’t live here anymore.

Why do moving vans always have to reverse? Because you can’t take it with you forwards.

What did the moving company employee store their valuables in? A pack ‘n pack ‘n pack.

Why did the sofa refuse to go in the truck? Because it already had so many ottomans.

What do you call a mover who’s always stealing? A hauler thief.

What do you call a house that’s moving? The wander-home.

Why do movers always dress nicely for work? To mover and shaker things up.

What’s the difference between a mover and a shaker? The mover just moves stuff, but the shaker makes sure nothing else moves.

Why do people always call exorcists instead of moving companies? Because they want to exorcise their furniture.

How do you move a refrigerator on your own? You don’t, you just let it cool off a bit.

What’s the most important thing to pack first? Your patience and sense of humor.

Why did the moving crew get into the wine collection? They just needed a little ferment of surprise.

What do pie charts say about moving? That it’s a pizza-cake-walk.

What did the last piece of furniture to be moved say? I’m the bed-dest of them all!

What do movers say about the mess after packing up? It’s just a matter of boxes and none-sense.

Why don’t movers take off their shoes when working? Because it’s a step below them.

Why did the power company disconnect their electricity during their move? Because they wanted to make a smooth move!

A moving company just hired a new guy, but he didn’t work out. He couldn’t seem to move on from his mistakes!

Why do moving trucks have wheels? So they don’t have to carry all their boxes on their backs!

I wanted to ask my moving team for advice on living in a new city, but they said they couldn’t help me. They’re just movers, not shakers!

My friend was so angry during her move that she smashed one of her plates. She was furious, but I told her to let it go. After all, it’s just a moving plate!

Why can’t you call a moving company while they’re on the move? Because they’re always busy!

The moving company arrived early, but they didn’t mind. They’re always on the move!

I thought I saw my couch move during the move, but it turned out to be a trick of the light. I guess it was just a moving illusion!

Why did the mover tell his jokes in the truck? Because he was a moving comic!

The movers were so strong, they could move mountains. But then they remembered it was just a move across town!

The only thing that’s scarier than moving is not moving. Because not moving means you’re stuck!

I was so excited to move, I couldn’t sleep the night before. But then I remembered, I won’t sleep the night after the move either!

Why do people always forget things during a move? Because they’re always moving!

The moving truck was so loud, I thought it was going to wake up the neighbors. But then I remembered, we were the neighbors!

Don’t trust a friend to help you move. They’re always the ones who move the slowest!

The mover asked me if I needed help moving my plants. I told him no thanks, they’re already mobile!

Why did the chicken cross the road during a move? To get to the other side of the new house!

The moving crew was so efficient, they finished the move in record time. I guess you could say they really moved me!

I wanted to keep my moving expenses down, so I hired some professional packers. They were surprisingly affordable. I guess you could say they gave me a good move run!

Why is moving so hard? Because it requires a lot of heavy lifting and a lot of heavy thinking!

Why did the moving truck cross the road? To get to the other side with all your furniture intact!

What do you call a group of movers who always show up late? The procrastinators!

Why did the moving company refuse to take the mattress? Because it had springs in its step!

How do you make moving fun? Throw your furniture out the window and see how it bounces!

Why did the couch refuse to be moved? It wanted a sit-in protest!

What do you call a moving crew without any muscles? The weakling movers!

Why did the refrigerator refuse to be moved? It couldn’t chill with all the excitement!

What do you call a moving truck that’s never been cleaned? The dust mobile!

Why did the grandfather clock complain during the move? It was ticked off!

How do you know it’s a bad move? When all your stuff ends up in a different state!

Why did the bed refuse to be moved? It didn’t want to be a mattress-tress for the rest of its days!

What do you call a moving truck with a flat tire? The stationary vehicle!

Why did the moving crew refuse to move the warehouse? It was too big for their britches!

How do you move a 10-foot python? You don’t, you run away!

What do you call a mover who always drops the ball? The fumbler!

Why did the piano hate being moved? It was always out of tune!

How do you know you’re a bad mover? When you pull your back lifting a feather!

What do you call a move that’s all downhill? The easy slide!

Why did the moving company charge extra for the sofa? It was a sleeper agent!

How do you make a move all-around entertaining? Hire a clown and watch them juggle your boxes!

Up to You!

So there you have it, dear reader!

50+ sidesplitting jokes about moving that hopefully made you forget about the stress and chaos that often comes with it.

Whether you’re relocating across town or across the country, always remember to keep your spirits high and your humor intact โ€“ after all, laughter is the best medicine (besides pizza, of course).

Now go pack up those boxes and prepare for a new adventure, armed with a collection of hilarious quips to share with your moving crew.

Happy moving!

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