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50+ Jokes About Mom And Dad

Hey there, you cheeky monkey!

Do you love making your mom and dad laugh?

Well, get ready to pull out all the stops with this hilarious collection of 50+ jokes about your favorite parental units.

From dad jokes that will make you groan to mom jokes that will have you snorting with laughter, these witty one-liners are guaranteed to put a smile on your mom and dad’s faces (whether they admit it or not).

So put on your best stand-up routine and get ready to make your parents LOL with these side-splitting jokes about mom and dad.

Jokes About Mom And Dad

Why did the dad cross the road? To get to the other side of the daddy aisle.

Why did the mom go to the bank? To check on her interest in dad.

Why did the dad take a ladder to bed? To try and raise the offspring bar.

Why did the mom bring a calculator to bed? To make sure they couldn’t count on a baby in 9 months.

Why did the dad wear a space helmet to bed? To keep the snores from waking up the other planets.

Why did the mom wear earplugs to bed? To protect her ears from dad’s space helmet.

Why did the dad bring a knife to a restaurant? Because he was afraid the bill was going to be a stab in the wallet.

Why did the mom call a plumber after dad tried to fix the toilet? To prevent dad from making a royal flush out of their finances.

Why did the dad go to the dentist? To check for cavities in his wallet.

Why did the mom order a pizza at the hospital? To make sure the delivery was coming out with dad in one piece.

Why did the dad get a new tie? To show off his whale of a personality.

Why did the mom buy a new shirt? To show off her kitten-like personality.

Why did the dad go to the pet store? To find a new toy for himself.

Why did the mom go to the mall? To find a replacement for herself.

Why did the dad carry a compass around the house? To show that he was always going in the right direction.

Why did the mom write a book? She wanted to share her never-ending advice.

Why did the dad get a new fish tank for the living room? Because he really wanted his kids to be fish aware.

Why did the mom buy a new car? She wanted something that could keep up with her and dad’s constant bickering.

Why did the dad have a calendar with pictures of his kids from every year? So he could carefully monitor just how terrible their haircuts were.

Why did the mom have a picture of her and dad kissing posted on the fridge? To remind them how affectionate they were, before kids.

Why did Mom throw away the bread dough? Because it was a loaf-off with Dad!

Why did Dad carry a sweater with him? Because he was afraid of baby goats!

Why did Mom get mad when Dad took out the trash? Because he threw her away with it!

Why did Dad bring home a pizza? So he could slice it and share it with the whole family!

Why did Mom give Dad a lamp? Because he needed a light bulb moment!

Why did Dad buy Mom flowers? Because she was wilting without them!

Why did Mom make a cake? Because it was Dad’s birthday and he was just a little bit sweet!

Why did Dad put on a suit? Because he wanted to look sharp in front of Mom!

Why did Mom make Dad eggs? Because he needed a little break-fast!

Why did Dad read a book to Mom? Because he wanted to be on the same page!

Why did Mom give Dad a tie? Because he needed a new knot-stylish accessory!

Why did Dad clean the house? So Mom could put her feet up and relax!

Why did Mom make Dad’s lunch? Because he needed a little pack-me-up!

Why did Dad play a card game with Mom? To deal with her!

Why did Mom turn off the TV? So Dad could stop channeling surf!

Why did Dad wash the dishes? Because he was convinced he could scrub away all of Mom’s worries!

Why did Mom make Dad coffee? Because she wanted to perk him up!

Why did Dad watch the kids? Because he was a good dad that never cheetah’s on mom!

Why did Mom let Dad pick the movie? So they could reel-y have a good time!

Why did Dad make Mom a sandwich? Because he wanted to butter her up!

Why did the mom take her son’s phone away? Because he was calling his dad too much!

Why did the dad cross the road? To get to the other side!

Why did the mom feed her children soap? To clean their mouths out!

Why did the dad refuse to eat the sandwich his wife made? Because it was a dadwich!

Why did the mom put flowers on the table? To make the room bloom!

Why did the dad wear a tuxedo to a baseball game? He wanted to suit up!

Why did the mom put a chicken in the oven? To roast it!

Why did the dad try to teach his child math? Because he heard it was a good way to add to your parenting skills!

Why did the mom buy a new car? Because she wanted a mom-mobile!

Why did the dad wet his pants in the pool? Because he was afraid he’d get electrified!

Why did the mom bake a cake for her daughter? Because it was time to add some sugar and spice to her life!

Why did the dad take his daughter to see a concert? Because he was a rockstar dad!

Why did the mom tell her child to go to bed early? Because she needed some peace and quiet!

Why did the dad sing lullabies to his son? Because he was a dad-rock!

Why did the mom make a fancy dinner for her husband? To spice things up in the kitchen!

Why did the dad eat a lot of candy? Because he was a sweet dad!

Why did the mom lay down on the couch? Because she needed a break from being a super mom!

Why did the dad tell jokes to his friends? To dad-disturb them!

Why did the mom make a cake for her son’s birthday? Because it was his cake-day!

Why did the dad go to see a magician? Because he wanted to learn how to disappear when his kids were misbehaving!

Up to You!

Well, there you have it!

50+ jokes about mom and dad that will make you laugh till your sides hurt.

From embarrassing dad moments to mom’s hilarious attempts at being cool, we’ve covered it all.

So the next time you’re stuck in a family dinner or a long car ride, whip out one of these jokes and watch the laughter ensue.

Remember, no matter how old you are, you can always poke fun at mom and dad.

Now go and share these jokes with your siblings, cousins, and friends.

Trust me, they’ll thank you later!

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