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50+ Jokes About Load Shedding

Hey you!

Are you tired of being left in the dark during load shedding?

Well, fear not my friend, because we have 50+ jokes that will light up your day!

From puns that’ll leave you in stitches to witty one-liners that’ll have you rolling on the floor, we’ve got them all.

So kick back, grab a flashlight, and get ready to laugh your load off!

Jokes About Load Shedding

Why did the lights go out during load shedding? It was a power struggle.

Load shedding is like getting a haircut from a blind barber – you never know when it’s going to end.

Why did the chicken cross the road during load shedding? To find the generator on the other side.

Load shedding is like a box of chocolates – you never know which rooms will have power.

I finally figured out why load shedding is called ‘stage’ – because it’s like a really terrible performance.

During load shedding, my phone battery dies so quickly it’s like I’m in a race against time.

Why did the load shedding schedule have to go to the doctor? It had a power outage.

I asked my cat how he feels about load shedding. He said, ‘It’s just purr-fect for a nap.’

Load shedding is like being stuck in the ’90s – no internet, no TV, and no idea what’s going on in the world.

Why did the elephant sit on the light switch during a load shedding? He wanted to get a little light-hearted.

Load shedding is like a bad relationship – always on your mind and always leaving you in the dark.

I tried to make small talk with my neighbor during load shedding. Now I know what it feels like to talk to a wall.

What did the load shedding schedule say when asked what time it was? ‘Sorry, I’m in the dark about that one.’

Load shedding is like taking a cold shower in the dark – unpleasant and uncomfortable but you’ll eventually get used to it.

Why did the frog turn into a prince during load shedding? Because he finally found the light at the end of the tunnel.

What’s the difference between load shedding and a horror movie? In one, the power comes back on.

I asked my mom how she dealt with load shedding when she was a kid. She said, ‘We used to talk to each other.’

Load shedding is like a bedtime story for adults – it always ends with the lights out.

Why did the load shedding schedule get a promotion? For keeping everyone in the dark.

Load shedding is like a power outage, but with a little less faith in humanity.

Why did the candle say ouch? It got burnt out during load shedding!

What do you call a person who loves load shedding? A dim-lighted enthusiast!

How do you know if your neighbor is rich? They have a backup generator for load shedding!

What do you do during load shedding? Nothing, just sit in the dark and watch the battery percentage of your phone go down!

What’s the difference between load shedding and being stranded on an island? The island has sunlight at least!

Why did the fridge get offended during load shedding? It was left out in the dark!

What did the light bulb say to the generator? Thanks for being my backup!

When does load shedding seem like a good idea? When you need to have a romantic candlelit dinner!

Why did the guy who invented the torch regret it during load shedding? It was a light bulb moment!

Why is load shedding like a box of chocolates? You never know how long it’s going to last!

What did the battery say during load shedding? I’m running low, please charge me up!

Why do birds love load shedding? It gives them a chance to make stars in the sky!

Why is load shedding like a haircut? You always seem to end up with less than what you had before!

What do you call a fan during load shedding? A motionless object!

Why did the TV feel lonely during load shedding? It had no one to talk to!

What’s the difference between load shedding and camping? In camping, you actually choose to be in the dark!

Why did the blender feel useless during load shedding? It had no power!

What did the GPS say during load shedding? I have no sense of direction!

Why did the guy with the gas stove feel smug during load shedding? He could still make a hot cup of tea!

What do you call a person who has never experienced load shedding? A fortunate soul!

Why did the candle refuse to light during load shedding? Because it was in the dark about what was going on.

Load shedding is the perfect way to test if you’ve truly found your soulmate – if you can survive a few hours in the dark without killing each other, you’re probably meant to be.

Someone should tell Eskom that load shedding is meant to bring people closer together, not drive them further apart.

Load shedding is like a power cut with Advanced mode activated.

The upside of load shedding? You finally have an excuse to use that expensive camping gear you bought on a whim.

The best thing about load shedding? It’s the only time your neighbor doesn’t know what you’re watching on TV.

We’re not saying Eskom is responsible for load shedding, but if you rearrange the letters of their name you get Smokes.

If you see a candle on sale during load shedding, buy it. It’s a great way to stock up on future romantic gestures.

Load shedding: the only time South Africa feels like a horror movie.

Instead of complaining about load shedding, we should look at it as a creativity test. Can you come up with enough ways to entertain yourself without electricity?

Load shedding is a fantastic opportunity to test out your amateur lighthouse-keeping skills.

After a few hours of load shedding, you start to feel like a survivalist who’s been preparing for this moment their whole life.

They say you never realize how much you miss something until it’s gone. Load shedding proves that adage true, except it’s applied to electricity.

The best way to heat up your food during load shedding? Hold it up to your anger towards Eskom and watch it sizzle.

Load shedding is like the government’s way of turning the entire country into a remember when story.

In the future, historians will mark load shedding as the South African version of the Great Depression.

Imagine how much money you could save on your electricity bill if load shedding was just a permanent fixture.

If life gives you load shedding, make a romantic evening out of it.

Load shedding is the one time you can legitimately blame your messy house on someone else.

Load shedding is like Eskom’s version of a surprise party – except in this case everyone is miserable and there’s no cake.

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