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50+ Jokes About Lebanese Food

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Are you ready to feast on some hilarious jokes about Lebanese food?

Whether you’re a seasoned hummus enthusiast or just love a good falafel, these jokes will leave you laughing and hungry for more.

From tongue-in-cheek puns to laugh-out-loud observations, get ready to spice up your day with 50+ side-splitting jokes about the best cuisine in the Middle East.

So grab a plate of tabbouleh and get ready to dig in!

Jokes About Lebanese Food

Why did the Lebanese chef stop making kibbeh? He didn’t have the stomach for it!

What do you call a Lebanese salad that’s full of hot peppers? Tab-burn-ouleh!

Why was the falafel embarrassed? It saw its hummus in public!

What did the tahini say to the chickpeas? ‘Let’s hummus things out!’

Why did the Lebanese chef hire an exterminator? There was a pesto in the kitchen!

What do you call a Lebanese kebab that can’t make up its mind? A shish-kabob-ble!

Why did the hummus lose the race? It just didn’t have the dip-stick!

Why was the shawarma feeling dizzy? It was spinning around too much!

What did the Lebanese cook say when asked why his dishes were so spicy? ‘I can’t handle the bland!’

Why did the man break up with his Lebanese girlfriend? He was tired of tabouli-ing around!

What do you call a Lebanese dish that loves to dance? Baba-Ganoush-a-Roo!

What did the Lebanese chef say when asked why his cuisine was so popular? ‘It’s the pita the people!’

Why did the man prefer Lebanese food to Italian? He was tired of all the pasta-bilities!

What do you call a Lebanese dish that’s always hot-headed? Habibi-q!

Why did the Lebanese dish feel lonely? It was missing its hummus-sphere!

What did the Lebanese sandwich say to the other sandwich? ‘You ain’t got no falafel!’

Why did the chicken cross the road to the Lebanese restaurant? To get to the shawarma side!

What did the hummus say to the other dips? ‘Don’t you carrot all about me?!

What do you call a Lebanese dish that has a tendency to get lost? Fatoosh-ionally challenged!

Why did the Lebanese chef get kicked out of the restaurant? He was always serving up some fishy tahini!

What do you call a pita bread that’s afraid of the oven? A chicken shawarma.

Why did the hummus cross the road? To get to the tahini on the other side.

Why did the kibbeh feel embarrassed? It was caught balling its eyes out.

What do you call a happy falafel? A felafella.

Why did the za’atar break up with the sumac? They were always too spicy together.

What did the eggplant say to the chickpeas? Baba ganoush me like you do.

Why did the tabbouleh get in trouble at school? It refused to lettuce be eaten by the others.

What do you call a Lebanese dish that’s always ready to party? Kafta kebab.

Why did the baba ganoush bring a squeaky toy to the party? It wanted to teethe with its friends.

What do you call a man who’s obsessed with Lebanese food? A hummussexual.

Why did the shish taouk go to the gym? It needed to kebabstinate some extra weight.

What did the falafel say to the pita bread? Don’t worry, I’m in pita-ful shape.

Why did the man break up with his falafel? It just wasn’t meant tahini.

What did the man say to the shawarma? Wrap your arms around me.

What do you call a sheep that loves Lebanese cuisine? A kafta-wool.

Why did the boulgour feel like a loser? It was no couscous.

What did the man say when he found a shiny eggplant? Oh, look at these auburns.

What do you call a plate of hummus that’s always up for a good time? A fun-dip.

Why did the moussaka go to the counselor? It couldn’t eggpress its feelings.

What did the fava beans say when it saw the chickpeas? Hey, habibi, let’s mingle.

Why did the kibbeh go to the gym? To get abs-olutely delicious.

How does tabbouleh stay so fresh? It never leaves the parsley gates.

Why did the hummus break up with the pita? It thought it was too clingy.

If you’re feeling grumpy, what’s the cure? Mezze with a side of laughter.

Why did the Lebanese chef go on vacation? To falafel the sun.

What do you get when you cross mansaf with a sandwich? A lamb on the hoagie.

Why did the shawarma cross the road? To get to the other side of delicious.

What do you call a Lebanese dish with a lot of spice? Tahini-tingly good.

Why did the Lebanese picky eater refuse to try the grape leaves? They didn’t want to leaf their comfort zone.

What’s the best way to enjoy Lebanese food? By hummusing it with friends.

Who does Baba Ghanoush turn to when it needs advice? Its eggplant coach.

Why are Lebanese desserts so sweet? They never skip on the rosewater.

What did the kafta say to the kibbeh at the cookout? We’re made for each other.

What did the Lebanese chef say when asked how they make such good food? It’s all in the de-tahini-shun.

What did the chicken shawarma say to the veggie shawarma? You don’t meat my standards.

Why was the manakish feeling down? It was spread too thin.

What’s a Lebanese chef’s favorite song? Hummus on the rocks.

How does a Lebanese caterer elevate their service? By going the extra zaytouni.

Why can’t Lebanese food be classified as comfort food? It’s too exciting to comfort.

What did the tabbouleh say to the pita? You’re not the only one who can be a wrap star.

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50+ jokes about Lebanese food that are guaranteed to make your taste buds tickle and your belly rumble with laughter.

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