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50+ Jokes About Hawaii


Are you ready to laugh your way to the island state of Hawaii?

With 50+ hilarious jokes about Hawaii, you’ll have endless reasons to crack a smile and say “mahalo” for the great comedic relief.

Whether you’ve lived on the islands or just planning a visit, these jokes are sure to tickle your funny bone and make you feel like you’re already lounging on the sandy beaches.

So grab your ukulele, put on your lei, and get ready to hula with laughter!

Jokes About Hawaii

Why did the pineapple go to Hawaii? To get Lei’d!

Why was the surfer cold in Hawaii? Because he left his wetsuit in the ukulele!

What do you call a vacation in Hawaii? An Aloha-liday!

Why did the volcano go to Hawaii? To get in touch with his lava roots!

Which side of a Hawaiian can you count on? The Aloha side!

What do you call a coconut in Hawaii? A palm ball!

How do you send a message from Hawaii? By Hula-gram!

Why did the hippie go to Hawaii? For the Maui wowie!

What is the favorite sport in Hawaii? Surfing the web!

How does a Hawaiian cat greet its friends? Aloha, meow!

What do you call a Hawaiian pig? Hula-pork!

Why did the Hawaiian baseball player wear a grass skirt? He wanted to steal second base with Aloha!

How do Hawaiians get their hair cut? In Lei-ers!

What do Hawaiians use to clean their floors? Mops and Maui covers!

Why did the Hawaiian chef get fired? He wanted to add pineapple to everything, even the pizza!

What do you call a Hawaiian Christmas? Mele Kalikimaka!

Why did the Hawaiian artist move to the mainland? He couldn’t find a canvas big enough for his ideas!

What do you get when you combine a coconut and a pineapple in Hawaii? A pina-colada tree!

Why did the Hawaiian plant a coconut tree in his backyard? To get a jump on his retirement fund!

What do Hawaiians use to catch fish? Lei-nets!

Why did the pineapple go to Hawaii? To get a Spa-Pineapple massage.

Why did the surfer refuse to go to the beach in Hawaii? He heard it was too crowded, waves are Maui-nificent though!

Why did the avocado run to Hawaii? To go on a family-in tree-t-ing vacation!

Have you heard about the Hawaiian rapper that only raps about Spam? His name is Lil Spammy.

Why did the hula dancer break up with her boyfriend on the beach in Hawaii? He was practicing his breakdancing moves in the background.

Did you hear about the Hawaiian beach where all the seashells were missing? It was a Nautilus-free zone.

Why did the Hawaiian surfboard shop owner have anxiety? They were afraid of board meetings.

Did you hear about the Hawaiian lawyer who specialized in wave defense cases? His name was Lava-lutionary Lawk.

What did the Hawaiian say to the sunburned tourist? UV gotta be kidding me!

Did you hear about the Hawaiian restaurant that only serves pancakes? It’s called Flap-ulu.

Why did the pineapple want to go on vacation to Hawaii? Because they wanted to have a Pinealoha time!

Have you heard about the Hawaiian musician who plays a ukulele underwater? His name is Trouba-bubble.

What did the Hawaiian say to the orange? Aloha.

Why did the Hawaiian volleyball team celebrate with Spam musubi instead of champagne? Because they wanted to have a Spam-tastic win.

What do Hawaiians eat with their sushi? Spam musubi rolls.

Did you hear about the Hawaiian fisherman who caught a fish that wouldn’t stop talking? It was a Babel fish.

What type of car do Hawaiians drive when they’re on their way to a surf competition? Sandracers.

What did the Hawaiian say to the mountain after they climbed it? Mahalo for the view.

Why did the Hawaiian forget how to surf? He wiped his memory board.

What’s the best way to travel to Hawaii? On a surfboard-plane!

Why did the Hawaiian musician get kicked out of the band? He kept playing the ukule-wrong notes.

How do you know if a Hawaiian is lactose intolerant? They say no whei instead of no way.

Why did the Hawaiian wear a grass skirt to work? It was casual Aloha Friday.

Why don’t Hawaiians like to eat seafood? They’re afraid of getting ahi-tosis.

How do you get to the beach in Hawaii? You just clam up and start surfin’.

Why did the Hawaiian break up with their significant other? They said aloha instead of I love you.

Why don’t Hawaiians use credit cards? They prefer to use their coconuts.

What do you call a Hawaiian diagnosis for feeling tired and sluggish? Island fever.

How do Hawaiians tell time? They use a mai tai clock.

Why don’t Hawaiians play baseball? They prefer to hit piñeapple-ers.

Why did the Hawaiian cross the road? To get to the other tide.

What do you call a Hawaiian who loves to shop? A hula-holic.

Why don’t Hawaiians eat steak? They can’t find a good surf and turf.

What do Hawaiians use to brush their teeth? A lava-brush.

What did the Hawaiian say when they saw a bunch of tourists wearing leis? Welcome to the lei-dies club.

Why don’t Hawaiians play chess? They prefer to play poi-ker.

Why do Hawaiians wear flip flops to weddings? They’re the perfect match for their leisure suit.

What do Hawaiians call a grocery store? The ukulele mart.

Why did the Hawaiian get a tattoo of a wave? They wanted to ride it forever.

What do you call a Hawaiian ghost? A ha’oling.

Up to You!

So there you have it, adventurer!

50+ jokes that have taken you on a hilarious journey to the beautiful islands of Hawaii.

Whether you’re a local or a visitor, it’s safe to say that Hawaii is a place full of sunshine, aloha spirit, and a whole lot of laughter.

So the next time you’re on the islands, don’t forget to tell a joke or two and spread some joy!

Mahalo and Aloha!

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