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50+ Jokes About Fried Food

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So hold onto your tongs and let’s dive into the sizzling world of fried food humor!

Jokes About Fried Food

Why did the breaded chicken find its way to the gym? To get fried.

What kind of oil do fried foods love dipping into? Deep frying oil.

Why did the fried potato cross the road? To get to the other side of the deep frier.

Why wasn’t the fried pickle allowed to leave the party? It was way too salty for the other snacks.

How does one gain weight after eating fried foods? By chicken stepping on the scale.

What is the difference between the deep frier and your local gym? One fries your calories away and the other one adds them.

Why is fried food popular in the summer? Because it’s hot enough outside to fry an egg.

What did the fried chicken say to the french fry? We belong to the same oil, let’s stick together.

Why did the piece of fried candy go to the doctor? It had a sugar crash.

What do you call a fried egg who can’t swim? An over-fried egg.

What is the only thing that can top off a fried dish? A dollop of tartar sauce.

How do you know when you have eaten too much fried food? Your heart skips a beat for every calorie.

What is the easiest fried dish to make? Fried air โ€“ zero ingredients required.

Why did the fried fish have to go to school? It needed some tartar sauce.

When do fried foods come in handy? When you need to deep-fry your emotions away.

Why did the fried food taste so sad? It had low self-oil-steam.

What kind of crustaceans love deep-fried seafood? The batter-fish.

How does one burn fried food? Simply let it cook in the pan unsupervised.

Why did the fried cheese have to go to the police? It was caught stealing hearts.

What is the most popular phrase in the world of fried food? You can never have too much oil.

Why did the french fries go to the doctor? Because they were feeling fry-tal.

What do you call fried chicken in space? Martian fried chicken.

Why don’t fried foods make great detectives? Because they always get too crisp-y.

What’s a fried food’s favorite game? Batter’s Up!

What do you get when you cross a potato with a donut? A fried sweet tater.

What’s a fry’s favorite romance novel? 50 Shades of Crispy.

Why did the fried chicken cross the road? To get to the greaser side!

What’s a fried food’s favorite type of music? Crispy crunch tunes.

What did the fried fish say to the french fries? You batter believe it!

What do you call a deep-fried gummy worm? A crispy critter.

How do you make fried food even funnier? Add cumin and laugh!

What do you call a punk band that only plays at fried foods festivals? The Crispy Insurgents.

What do you call a group of fried foods that steal jewelry? The Greaser Thieves.

Why did the french fry go to the gym? To get their crispy muscle tone on.

What’s a fried food’s favorite superpower? The ability to fry anything up, no matter how absurd!

What’s the difference between a french fry and a boxer? One chews punches, the other punches chews.

What kind of fried food is always hanging out with ketchup? Fried besties!

What’s a fried food’s favorite way to relax? Sittin’ in hot oil and catchin’ some rays.

Why don’t fried foods like romantic comedies? They’re all too sappy.

What do you call a dog that only eats fried foods? A Crispy Weiner-dog!

Why did the fried chicken cross the road? To get to the other fryer.

What did the fried fish say to the chef? I’m feeling a little battered.

Why don’t fried foods make good spies? They’re always too crispy to go undetected.

What do you call a french fry that’s lost its way? A dis-fry-ction.

How do you know when your deep-fried turkey is done? When it starts gobbling I’m done! I’m done!

What’s the best way to eat fried pickles? Dill-icately.

Why couldn’t the fried potato get up off the plate? It was mashed.

How did the fried chicken get to the party? It took the poultry express.

What’s the difference between a French fry and a Belgian fry? The accent.

Why did the fried dessert go to the doctor? It was feeling a little sickly sweet.

What’s the world’s most dangerous job? Working as a french fry tester.

Why did the fried shrimp quit his job? He was tired of being sole.

What’s the most efficient form of fried food? The fry-ninja.

How do you hide a fried chicken from a vegan? Put it under a bucket of tofu.

Why don’t fried apples make good pies? Because they’re always getting jammed up.

What do you call a speech given by a fry cook? A french lecture.

Why did the fried calamari win the beauty pageant? It was the squid pro quo.

What did the fried okra say to the cornbread? You doughn’t know me, but we’re be-breading buds.

Why don’t ghosts eat fried foods? They’re already fried.

Why did the fried doughnut go to the gym? To work on its glaze-utes.

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