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50+ Jokes About Food Prices

Hey there foodies!

Do you find yourself constantly checking your bank account before grocery shopping?

Are you tired of feeling like a broke chef?

Well, have no fear because we’ve got you covered with 50+ hilarious jokes about food prices that will have you laughing instead of crying over your empty wallet.

So sit back, grab a snack (we won’t judge if it’s a cheap one), and get ready to laugh your way through the struggle of shopping on a budget.

Let’s get started!

Jokes About Food Prices

I tried to buy an avocado but it cost as much as a small car.

I can’t afford to eat out anymore, so I renamed my kitchen ‘restaurant home’.

If someone offers me a free meal, I’ll probably ask for the recipe instead.

I’m afraid to look at the prices on the menu anymore, so I just order with my eyes closed and hope for the best.

I’m so broke, I’m considering opening a restaurant where the only thing on the menu is water.

I’m pretty sure buying a loaf of bread these days requires a mortgage.

The only thing I can afford to eat is ramen noodles and I’m pretty sure they’ve tripled in price overnight.

I thought food prices were going up, but apparently my income was going down.

I bought some organic kale and it was so expensive, I felt like I was paying for the farmer’s mortgage.

They say eating healthy is expensive, but I didn’t realize it was going to cost me my first born child.

I’m not sure if I can afford to take my dog to the vet or feed myself this week.

My diet plan is to just stare at pictures of food online because I can’t afford to eat it in real life.

I’m pretty sure the only thing that’s affordable at the grocery store these days is the air they pump into the bags of chips.

I went to buy a sack of rice and it was so expensive, I started considering growing my own.

I can’t keep up with the food prices, so I started foraging in my backyard for berries and mushrooms.

I’m pretty sure the only reason people go to fancy restaurants these days is to see how the other half lives.

I can’t even afford to buy coffee out anymore, so I just stand outside the coffee shop and inhale the aroma.

I saw an ad for a free sample of food and I thought to myself, Finally, something I can afford!

I can’t afford to go out for dinner, so I set up a table in the park and bring my own food to make it feel like a fancy restaurant.

I bought a carton of eggs, and I’m pretty sure it was more expensive than my car payment.

Up to You!

Well there you have it, folks!

We hope these 50+ jokes about food prices have given you a good laugh (and maybe even saved you a few bucks).

Just remember, the next time you’re feeling the pinch at the supermarket, don’t cry over spilled milk – laugh it off with one of these hilarious quips!

After all, laughter is the best medicine…and it’s a lot cheaper than a gallon of gas.

Keep on cracking those foodie jokes, you hilarious humans, you!

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