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50+ Jokes About Food Allergies

Hey there, food allergy friends!

Whether you have a peanut allergy, gluten intolerance, or just a mild aversion to cilantro (we all have one, right?), we can all agree that navigating the world of dining can be a bit of a challenge.

So why not lift your spirits with some food allergy humor?

We’ve compiled 50+ jokes about food allergies that are bound to make you laugh (or at least snicker).

Get ready for puns, sarcasm, and a lot of relatable content.

Trust us, you won’t be allergic to these jokes – in fact, they might just be the cure to your allergy-induced blues.

Let’s dig in!

Jokes About Food Allergies

What do you call a bear with a food allergy? A bearrhea sufferer.

Why did the chicken cross the road? To avoid the gluten-free bakery.

Why did the peanut go to the doctor? Because it was feeling nutty.

What do you call a manager with an egg allergy? A group O negative leader.

Why did the celiac have to stay away from the bakery? Because they couldn’t handle the wheat.

Why did the tomato turn red? Because it saw the shellfish allergy sufferer.

What’s a food allergy sufferer’s favorite superhero? The Epipen.

Why did the rapper with a nut allergy avoid the concert? He was afraid of getting roasted.

Why did the lactose intolerant person break up with their boyfriend? Because he was too cheesy.

What do you call a vegan with a soy allergy? A strange situation.

Why did the chicken stop eating bread? It was gluten intolerant.

Why did the grape have trouble breathing? Because it had a vine allergy.

What do you call a Mexican meal with a shellfish allergy? A taco ’bout trouble.

Why did the mushroom leave the party early? It realized it was a fun-fungi allergy.

Why did the dieter with a nut allergy hide their snacks? So the squirrels wouldn’t get jelly.

What did the chef say when he found out someone had a garlic allergy? That’s not a flavor, it’s a state of mind.

Why did the vegetarian avoid the restaurant by the river? Because it was seafood central.

What did the vegan say when he realized he had a dairy allergy? Oh, burrata.

Why did the sushi roll cross the road? To avoid the soy sauce.

What do you call a meal with a gluten allergy? A breadwinner.

Why did the allergic chicken cross the road? To get to the other side of the buffet line.

Did you hear about the allergic baker? He got flour in his eye and became dough-eyed!

What do you call an allergic reaction to chocolate? A cocoa-crisis!

Why did the allergic person take a boxing class? To learn how to fight off their foreign invaders.

How do you know if someone you’re dining with is allergic to seafood? They’ll be shell-shocked!

What kind of food do alligators with allergies eat? Snacks!

Why couldn’t the allergic person eat the fortune cookie? They were afraid of a fish-fluke!

How do you cure an allergy to nuts? Well, it’s not a walnut that works, but cashews!

Why did the allergic chef get fired? He couldn’t handle the pressure cooker!

How do you tell if someone’s allergic to cashews? They’ll be shell-shocked!

What do you call an allergic reaction to tomatoes? A messy catastrophe!

Why did the allergic plant-based eater hate going to barbecues? All the meat was always undercooked, and they always felt sick.

What does a magician with a food allergy use for tricks? Egg-less cards, honey-nut hats!

Did you hear about the time the allergic man tried to run a marathon? It was a wheezy journey!

Why did the allergic person cross the street? To avoid a hazelnut stand.

What do you call a peanut butter and jelly sandwich for someone with an allergy? A tragedy sandwich.

Did you hear the one about the allergic rapper? He only sings about his food!

How do you make a square spicy for someone with an allergy? Swap the jalapeños for paprika!

Why did the allergic chef hate his job? He kept sneezing on the customers’ dishes!

What’s a food allergy sufferer’s favorite time of year? The season for free candy!

Up to You!

So there you have it, my allergic friend!

50+ deliciously funny jokes about food allergies.

From peanuts to shellfish, gluten to lactose intolerance, we’ve covered it all (with a sprinkle of nut-free humor, of course).

Whether you’re looking to lighten the mood at your next family dinner or just need a good laugh to distract from that pesky itch, these jokes are sure to satisfy.

So go ahead, share them with your friends (after checking for their allergies, of course) and enjoy a good belly laugh.

Who knew food allergies could be so hilarious?

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