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50+ Jokes About Florida Weather

Hey, Floridians!

Are you ready to laugh at the unpredictable weather that we all know and love?

From sweltering heat to torrential rain, Florida weather sure knows how to keep us on our toes.

But fear not, we’ve compiled 50+ hilarious jokes about the weather that will keep you chuckling all year long.

So grab your sunscreen and raincoat, and get ready to laugh your way through the Sunshine State!

Jokes About Florida Weather

Why did the Floridian need an umbrella? To shade themselves from the sun!

What do you call a rainy day in Florida? A miracle!

How do Floridians tell the difference between winter and summer? By the humidity levels.

What is a Floridian’s favorite accessory? Sunscreen!

What do you get when you cross a hurricane with a sunny day in Florida? A tornado!

Why do Floridians love summer? Because it’s the only time of year they can use their pool.

What did one Floridian say to the other during a thunderstorm? Looks like we’re getting our daily dose of liquid sunshine!

Why was the Floridian’s house always so hot? Because they never turned off their air conditioner!

What do you call a day in Florida that’s not 90 degrees? A cold front!

What’s the difference between a sunny day in Florida and a sauna? Not much!

Why did Mickey Mouse move from California to Florida? For the humid weather!

What’s the best way to stay cool during a Florida heatwave? A nice cold glass of sweet tea.

Why do Floridians keep their air conditioners running even in the winter? To keep the humidity out!

What’s a Floridian’s favorite winter activity? Going to the beach!

What do you call a Floridian who loves the cold weather? Non-existent.

Why do hurricane season and tourist season coincide in Florida? So the businesses can charge storm surge prices.

Why does Florida have such unpredictable weather? Because it has two seasons: hot and hotter.

What’s the difference between a Floridian and someone who lives in the Arctic? The Floridian will still complain about how cold it is.

Why do Floridians love humidity so much? It’s like free steam facial.

What’s a Floridian’s favorite way to describe the weather? It’s hot, it’s humid, it’s Florida!

Why did the Floridian bring a ladder outside during a thunderstorm? To conduct some personal lightning research!

Why did the snowbird move to Florida? To avoid shoveling sunshine off his driveway!

What do you call a Florida summer day with no rain? A miracle!

Why do Floridians always look so hot? Because they’re stuck in a never-ending heat wave!

Why did the Floridian cross the road? To get out of the sun!

Why do Floridians love going to the beach? It’s the only place they can get a blast of AC naturally!

Why did the Floridian bring an umbrella to the beach? Just in case the sun got too heavy!

Why do Floridians love their pool parties? It’s the only way they can cool off without being rained on!

How do Floridians keep their homes cool? By turning the air conditioning down to freezing and bundling up like it’s the dead of winter!

Why do Floridians never bother with winter coats? They’re too busy tanning!

What did the Floridian say to the Floridian? How can it be raining out? It’s perfectly sunny!

Why don’t Floridians bother with rain boots? They’re too busy kayaking!

How do you keep a Floridian cool in the summer? Douse them in coconut oil!

What did the Floridian say about the endless summer? Sure, it’s great, but I sure wish I could see a snowflake!

Why do Floridians love thunderstorms? It’s the only time their lawns get watered!

Why do Floridians never bother with snow tires? They’re too busy hitting up the ski slopes in public parks!

How do Floridians measure the heat index? In spaghetti cooked softness levels!

What do Floridians wear to stay cool in the summer? Summer body spray!

Why are Floridians always finding new ways to stay cool? Mother Nature always keeps them on their toes, and their a/c bills high!

Why do Floridians love to wear white after Labor Day? It’s their way of telling the rest of the country that their winter is as hot as their summer!

Up to You!

So there you have it, dear reader; 50+ jokes about Florida weather!

You might be thinking, “Wow, it sure does rain a lot in the Sunshine State.” But let’s be real, Florida is basically a sauna with occasional hurricane sprinkles.

We hope these jokes brought some sunshine to your day and gave you a much-needed laugh.

Just remember, if you don’t like the weather in Florida, just wait five minutes – it’ll change faster than a New Yorker jaywalking in Times Square.

Stay dry (or wet, depending on the hour), Florida!

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