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50+ Jokes About Fire

Hey there, pyromaniac!

Are you ready to ignite your sense of humor with 50+ fiery jokes?

From flame puns to burning one-liners, we’ve got the hottest collection of jokes that will have you laughing so hard, you’ll feel like you’re on fire (but in a good way).

So grab some marshmallows, sit back, and get ready to roast both your laughter and those who can’t handle the heat.

Get ready for some serious burns (don’t worry, not the painful kind)!

Jokes About Fire

Why did the candle refuse to burn anymore? It was exhausted!

How does a firefighter toast his marshmallows? By using a flame-retardant stick!

Why did the match need a new job? It was burned out!

How does fire have fun during the summertime? By going to BBQs and cookouts!

What do you call a lazy flame? A fire that needs to be stoked!

Why did the fireman wear red suspenders? To keep his pants up!

What did the fire say when it started getting dark outside? Look, Iโ€™m flickering!

Why did the arsonist switch to online dating? He was tired of all the matches he was getting!

What did the firefighter say to the burning building? I’ve got your back!

What do you get when you cross a flame with a snowman? A puddle!

Why did the fireman refuse to wear a hat? Because he already had a fire-proof helmet!

What did the hat say to the fire? I’m melting!

Why did the 90-year-old man think the fire was comforting? It reminded him of the good old days of gas lanterns and candles!

How do you put out a roof fire? You raise the roof to let the smoke out!

What did the fireman say when he met a nervous firefighter? Don’t worry, we’ll extinguish that anxiety!

What do you call a flame that watches too much TV? A burn out!

Why did the fireman take a ladder to work? Because he wanted to climb the corporate ladder!

Why did the flame fail the math test? It didn’t have enough equations to solve!

What did the toaster say when it caught on fire? I’m toast!

How does a flame keep its head above water? By staying ignited!

Why did the match refuse to light? It was feeling burnt out.

Why do firefighters wear red suspenders? To keep their pants up.

Why did the candle break up with the flame? It just wasn’t getting that spark back.

Why did the man with the burnt hands go to the hospital? He needed an ember-gency treatment.

What did one fire whisper to the other? We really need to start seeing other flames.

Why did the fireman wear red suspenders? To keep his pants from getting hot.

Why did the fireman climb the ladder? To reach the top fire.

Why did the campfire keep telling jokes? It wanted to keep everyone in good smores.

Why did the firetruck stop at the red light? It wanted to catch up on its siren-dipity.

Why did the arsonist quit his job? It was just too hot to handle.

What do you call a firefighter’s favorite drink? An extinguisher.

Why did the match go on vacation? To get a little spark of inspiration.

Why did the Bonfire hate the Marshmallow? It wanted to be the only one getting toasted.

Why did the firefighter go to the underworld? To put out the eternal flames.

Why did the guy wearing a flamingo suit dance in the inferno? He was trying to heat up his cockatoo.

What do you call a fire that’s lost its flames? Just a spark in the dark.

Why did the fireman wear cowboy boots? To prevent him from catching embers.

Why did the fireplace go to the doctor? It was feeling poorly-chimney.

Why did the artist paint fire on his canvas? He wanted to get a bit more of a warm reception.

Why shouldn’t you tell a fireplace a joke? They might crack up.

Why did the fire call his wife? To tell her he was now a flame-boyant!

Why did the fire get a job at the circus? To become an inferno tamer!

What do you call a socially awkward flame? An intro-flame-vert!

If a fire were a celebrity, who would it be? Flaming Lips!

What does the fire say to the rain? Stop raining on my parade, I’m trying to be lit!

Why did the fire become a hairdresser? To make people’s hair look fire-tastic!

How do you make a fire laugh? Tell it a hot joke!

What do firefighters wear to bed? Flame-retardant pajamas!

What did the fire say when it met its match? You light my fire, baby!

Why did the fire department have to break up with its girlfriend? She was too sparky for them!

Why did the fire have to cancel its vacation plans? It was too fired up to go anywhere!

What do you get when you cross a fire with a comedian? A blaze-ing jokester!

What does a fire do when it’s feeling down? It embers!

Why couldn’t the fire get a date? It was too hot to handle!

What did the fire say to the wood? You fuel me up inside!

Why was the fire invited to the party? It’s known for being a hot spot!

What do you call a fire that’s good at sports? A flame-thrower!

What’s a fire’s favorite type of movie? A blaze-ing drama!

What do you call a fire that’s lost its flames? A waning inferno!

Why did the fire need to see a doctor? It was suffering from burn-out!

Up to You!

Well, congratulations!

You’ve made it to the end of our fiery joke-fest.

After all those hilarious puns and silly one-liners, you must be feeling hotter than ever!

Whether you’re a firefighter, pyromaniac, or just someone who appreciates a good laugh, we hope you found something to ignite your funny bone.

Remember, next time you’re gathered ’round the campfire, impress your friends with a few of these flamingly funny jokes.

But be warned, with 50+ jokes about fire, you may need to cool down with a glass of water!

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