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50+ Jokes About Driving In Snow

Hey you winter warrior, are you ready for some icy laughs?

Because we’ve compiled a list of 50+ jokes about driving in snow that will have you chuckling all the way through your next commute.

Whether you’re a seasoned snow driver or a newbie to the slippery slopes, these jokes will help you thaw out your winter driving woes.

So buckle up, put on some chains, and get ready for some frosty fun!

Jokes About Driving In Snow

Why did the snowman jump in front of the car? To give it a snow brake!

What did one snowflake say to the other? I think we should find a new place to land – this road is getting slippery!

What did the snowplow say to the car? Sorry, I’m not a magician – I can’t make the snow disappear without some effort!

Why was the snowman sad when driving? He couldn’t roll down the windows!

Why was the car jealous of the snow shovel? Because it could handle the snow better!

What do you call a car that always crashes in the snow? A blaze of fail!

Why did the snowman go to school? To learn how to ‘snow’ drive!

What does a snowman put on his tires in the winter? Snow-tires!

How did the snowman get to work on a snowy day? By bike-doughnut!

Why did The Sun break up with the snow? Because the snow could never handle his heat!

Why did the snowman take the day off work? Because he felt frost-bitten out!

What’s the difference between a snowman and a snowwoman? Snowballs!

How do you make a snowman drive? Stick a carrot in the steering wheel and let it go!

Why did the snowman have a first aid kit in his car? Just in case he got the chillies while driving!

Why was the snowman afraid to drive on the highway? He was scared of black icicles!

What do you call a snowman’s car? A cool-axi!

Why was the car upset after driving in the snow? It felt like it was on thin ice!

How do you know if a snowman is a bad driver? He sticks his nose into everyone’s business!

What’s a snowman’s favorite kind of music to listen to while driving? Ice-tunes!

Why did the snowman avoid the hill? He didn’t want to get snowballed!

Why did the snowman decide to drive to work? He didn’t want to get frostbitten waiting for the bus!

Why do snow plow drivers go to work with their pajamas on backwards? So they can back up all day long!

Why did the driver put his car in the freezer? He wanted to see how it handled in icy conditions!

Why did the snowman refuse to drive on the freeway? He was scared of the black ice!

What do you call a group of cars stuck in the snow? A carmelanche!

Why did the driver put a snowball in his gas tank? To get better mileage in the winter!

Why did the snowman need a seatbelt when he drove? To prevent the cold front from getting in!

Why did the driver put his car in reverse and step on the gas during a snowstorm? He wanted to see what would happen!

What do you call a car that can drive in the snow without slipping? A f-ice-car!

How do you know it’s too cold to drive? The polar bears are wearing earmuffs!

How do drivers stay safe during a snowstorm? By putting on their layers and their chains!

Why did the snow plow cross the road? To get to the other slide!

What do snow plow drivers drink to stay warm during a long shift? Hot cocoa-na!

What do you call a snowman driving a convertible? Cool breeze!

Why do drivers in Alaska never need a GPS? They just follow the tire tracks!

Why did the snowman decide to take the ski lift instead of driving? He wanted to save his frosty windshield from getting cracked!

Why did the driver bring a shovel in his car during a winter storm? To dig out of trouble!

What do you call a car that goes fast in the snow? A frost-rocket!

How do you know it’s really cold outside during a snowstorm? Your blinker fluid freezes!

Why did the snowman try to hitchhike? He needed a ride before he melted!

Why did the snowman refuse to drive? Because he didn’t have a car and he was frost-bitten!

What do you call a snowplow driver who’s always late? A snow-turtle!

How does a snowman start his car? He always has to chisel the frostbite in the ignition with his carrot nose!

Why couldn’t the snowflake pass its driving test? Because it was too flakey!

What do you call a family of snowmen driving in a car? A snowmobile!

What do snowmen do when they get in a car accident? Exchange ice numbers!

How many snowflakes does it take to change a flat tire? None, because they melt under the car’s weight!

What do you call it when a snowman takes a turn too fast? An ice-luge!

What do you call a group of penguins driving in a snowstorm? A snowmobile par-tay!

What did the snowman say when he got pulled over by a snowplow? I swear, Officer Frost, I didn’t know a speed limit applied to me!

Why do snowflakes cover their car’s license plates? To avoid melting under police scrutiny!

Why did the snowplow cross the road? To get to the other side of the white-out!

What does the snowplow driver say when he’s overworked? I’m plowed-out!

How do you know you’re driving on a frozen pond? When your car here’s a chorus of ice cracking!

How do snowmen clean their dirty windows? They just melt away the problem!

What happens when you let a snowman drive on the highway? He instantly becomes a snow-road with wheels!

Why did the police officer pull over the snowflake? For having a frosty attitude!

What do Eskimos use to start their snowmobiles? A frosty-key!

Why did the snowman park his car uphill? So he wouldn’t have to worry about sliding down in the snow!

What do you call a snowman driving a limousine? A snow-mo driver!

Up to You!

Well, if you’ve made it this far through our list of 50+ jokes about driving in the snow, we salute you!

We hope you’ve found some laughter to help melt away the winter blues and make your winter commutes a little bit brighter.

Remember, when it comes to driving in the snow, safety always comes first, but a good chuckle certainly can’t hurt.

Stay warm out there and keep on truckin’ (in the safest way possible, of course).

Cheers to surviving another winter on the roads!

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