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50+ Jokes About Death Note

Hey you!

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Are you a fan of Death Note?

Well, get ready to laugh your shinigami off because we’ve got 50+ hilarious jokes about this iconic series.

Whether you’re team Light or team L, these jokes will have you rolling on the floor (even if the Death Note doesn’t).

So strap in, grab a bag of apples, and let’s dive into the dark and humorous world of Death Note!

Jokes About Death Note

Why did Light Yagami never order pizza for delivery? Because he was afraid the delivery guy might be a Death Note user.

What do you call a Shinigami who loves to dance? Ryuk ‘n’ Roll.

Why did L cross the road? To catch Kira on the other side.

What do you call a Death Note fan who can’t stop talking about the show? A Shinigami chatterbox.

Why did Light always wear sunglasses? So he could write in his Death Note without being suspicious.

What do you call a group of Shinigami playing cards together? A Death Note poker night.

How does a Shinigami order a burger at McDonald’s? I’ll take a Death Filet-o-Fish, please.

Why did Ryuk refuse to play dodgeball with Light? Because he didn’t want to be hit with a Death Note.

How does a Shinigami use a computer? With a Death Mouse.

What do you call a Shinigami who likes to cook? A Death Note chef.

Why did L refuse to use chopsticks? Because he didn’t want to leave any fingerprints on his Death Note.

What do you call a Death Note fan who also loves Nintendo? A Shinigami-gamer.

How does a Shinigami light a candle? With a Death Lighter.

Why did Light go to the doctor? He thought he might have caught the Kira Virus.

What do you call a group of Shinigami going on a road trip? A Death Note caravan.

Why did Misa Amane want to become a model? So she could write about herself in the Death Note as a beautiful and successful superstar.

What does a Shinigami do on a lazy Sunday afternoon? They binge-watch Death Note.

Why did L call his mom after every case he solved? To let her know he wasn’t the one who wrote their names in the Death Note.

How does a Shinigami open a can of soda? With a Death Opener.

Why did Near like to play with Rubik’s Cubes? Because he enjoyed solving puzzles, as well as trying to figure out who Kira really was and write their name in the Death Note.

Light Yagami is like a doctor, he writes the prescription and the patient dies.

Why did L die? Because he couldn’t breathe without his L-alphabet.

How many Death Note characters does it take to change a lightbulb? None, they prefer working in the dark.

What do you call a group of Shinigami? A death squad.

Why did Misa Amane go to the library? To check out a book on how to spell her own name.

Why did Light Yagami cross the road? To write the name of the chicken in his Death Note.

Why did L bring a ruler to the crime scene? To measure the amount of suspicion.

How does Light Yagami like his coffee? With a touch of death.

Why did Light Yagami hate playing hide and seek as a kid? He always won.

Why did Ryuk refuse to wear a mask during the pandemic? Because he’s already dead.

Why was Near afraid of going to the zoo? Because he thought a book in his pocket might accidentally kill all the animals.

Why did Ryuk think he was good at party planning? Because he always brings the death of the party.

Why did Misa Amane fail her driving test? Because she kept writing the examiner’s name in her Death Note.

Why did L refuse to eat apples? They were a symbol of death from his rival.

Why did Light Yagami always win at Minesweeper? Because he was used to killing people with the click of a button.

Why did Ryuk think the computer was his friend? Because he could use it to search for new names to write in his Death Note.

How does Light Yagami order pizza? With extra death on top.

How does Kira celebrate Halloween? By writing the name of every person who gives out toothbrushes instead of candy.

Why did Ryuk think he was great at karaoke? Because he could sing Death Metal like a pro.

Why was Mello always so skinny? Because he skipped meals to save room in his stomach for chocolate and death.

Up to You!

Well, there you have it!

Those 50+ jokes about Death Note had you laughing all the way to the Shinigami realm.

From Light’s god complex to Ryuk’s apple addiction, Death Note certainly has its fair share of comedic moments.

So whether you prefer your humor dark and twisted like L’s mind games, or silly and pun-filled like Misa’s catchphrases, Death Note has something for everyone.

Just be careful not to let the notebook fall into the wrong hands, or you might find yourself in a real-life horror story.

Happy laughing, and don’t forget to keep your eyes peeled for any suspicious-looking notebooks!

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