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50+ Jokes About Cold Weather In Texas

Hey there, cold weather warriors!

Are you bracing yourself for a chilly Texan winter?

Well, we’ve got just the thing to warm you up – 50+ hilarious jokes about the frigid temperatures heading our way!

Get ready to laugh your mittens off with these punny one-liners and frosty zingers.

It may be cold outside, but with these jokes, you’ll be feeling hot with laughter.

So grab a cup of hot cocoa and get ready to chuckle your way through the season!

Jokes About Cold Weather In Texas

Why did the Texan wear two jackets in the winter? Because he wanted to double his chances of staying warm!

Why don’t Texans shovel snow? Because they don’t want to dig up the barbecue.

How many Texans does it take to change a light bulb in the winter? None, they’ll just sit in the dark and huddle for warmth.

Why do cows in Texas wear sweaters in the winter? Because they might get moo-sick!

What’s a Texan’s favorite winter sport? Chasing tumbleweeds down a snow-covered hill.

Why did the Texan put a blanket over his head during a snowstorm? To keep his thoughts warm.

Why did the Texan buy an extra blanket for his car? So he could say he drove a WARM-bago!

What do Texans say during a cold snap? Y’all be sure to bring the dogs and cats inside. And don’t forget the armadillo.

Why don’t Texans make snowmen? Because they melt too fast in the hot sun that usually follows a cold snap.

Why do Texans call their snow plows unicorns? Because they’re magical creatures that are rarely seen in real life.

What do you call a Texan winter storm? A snow-llie!

How do Texans stay warm during the winter? By sitting around a campfire and using their grills to cook up some chili.

Why did the Texan refuse to leave his house during a blizzard? He was afraid the cold would crack his BBQ sauce.

Why do Texans get excited when it snows? Because they finally have an excuse to wear their cowboy boots.

What do you call a Texan who doesn’t own a coat? A foolhardy cowboy.

Why do Texans love hot chocolate in the winter? Because anything that’s not spicy is a refreshing change of pace.

What’s a Texan’s favorite winter snack? Jalapeno poppers, of course!

Why do Texans prefer cars with heated seats in the winter? Because they can’t handle the shock of getting into a cold vehicle.

What do Texans call a day when the temperature dips below 50 degrees? A deep freeze!

Why did the Texan wear a hoodie to bed during a cold night? He wanted to sleep like a rockin’ hood.

Why do Texans wear cowboy hats in the winter? To keep their ears warm in temperatures below 50 degrees!

What did the Texan say when he saw a snowflake? ‘What is this mythical creature from the heavens?’

Why did the Texan feel cold? Because it was below 70 degrees outside!

Why did the snowman in Texas melt so quickly? He was made of margarita mix!

Why couldn’t the Texans feel the cold wind? Because they were too busy bragging about their state’s heat!

Why did the Texan put on three sweaters? Because it was below 60 degrees and he was freezing!

What did the Texan say when he saw his breath for the first time? ‘Is this a new kind of vape?’

Why did the Texans stop playing football during cold weather? They were too busy sipping hot cocoa on the sidelines!

Why did the Texan go to bed in a hoodie and sweatpants? Because it was 65 degrees inside and he couldn’t handle the cold!

What do you call a Texan snowman? A jalapeño popper!

Why did the Texan have trouble shoveling snow? He had never seen a shovel before!

Why did the Texan’s car refuse to start in the cold weather? It was still in summer mode!

Why did the Texan put antifreeze in his margarita? To keep it cold during the 50-degree weather!

Why did the Texan’s dog have trouble walking in the snow? It was wearing cowboy boots!

Why did the Texan family huddle together during the cold weather? They thought it was a new kind of family bonding experience!

Why did the Texan’s indoor heating system break down constantly during the winter? It was used to functioning in the sweltering summer heat!

Why did the Texan’s hot tub freeze over? It mistakenly thought it was in Colorado!

Why did the Texan’s winter cabin have a fake fireplace? So people could feel warm without actually having to start a fire!

Why did the Texan’s AC unit freeze over during the winter? It was too busy daydreaming about the imminent summer heat!

Why did the Texan put a blanket over his pool during winter? So he could pretend it was a giant ice rink!

Up to You!

Well, there you have it!

You’ve braved through 50+ jokes about cold weather in Texas, and let’s be honest, you probably laughed more than you expected.

From the “Texas icicles” to the “Sorry, we’re closed due to snow” signs, it’s clear that Texans know how to handle the rare (and often humorous) freezing temperatures.

So, keep these jokes in your back pocket for the next time the weather takes a chilly turn in the Lone Star State.

As they say, laughter is the best defense against the cold – or was it layers?

Either way, stay warm and keep on joking!

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