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50+ Jokes About Cold Weather In Canada

Hey there, freezing friend!

Are you ready to laugh your frosty socks off?

Because we’ve got 50+ ice-cold jokes about winter in Canada that are sure to warm you up with some serious chuckles.

From snowmen to hockey players, from polar bears to maple syrup, we’ve got all the Canadian winter stereotypes covered.

So bundle up, grab a hot chocolate, and get ready to giggle your way through the next blizzard with these hilarious jokes.

Let’s dive into some frigidly funny fun!

Jokes About Cold Weather In Canada

Why do Canadians love the winter? Free ice rinks everywhere you go!

How do you know when it’s cold in Canada? When the snowmen are wearing parkas.

What’s a Canadian’s favorite winter accessory? Their beavertail mittens.

How do you spot a tourist in Canada during winter? They’re the ones wearing shorts.

Why don’t Canadians ever get cold? They have maple syrup running through their veins.

Why did the Canadian have to go to the hospital during winter? He slipped on a patch of black ice.

Why did the Canadian cross the road during winter? To get to the igloo on the other side.

What do you call a Canadian in winter? A snowcapped mountie.

Why did the hockey player wear two pairs of pants during winter? In case he got a puck in the ice hole.

How do Canadians stay warm during winter? With snowmobiles and poutine.

Why did the Canadian driver keep his car in the garage during winter? He didn’t want his car to become a hockey puck.

Why did the polar bear move to Canada? It was sick of the heat in the Arctic.

Why did the Canadian tourist visit the North Pole during winter? To get a break from the cold.

What do Canadians do during a snowstorm? They snowshoe away from the problem.

Why did the Canadian put his tongue on a metal pole during winter? He wanted to see if it would stick.

How do Canadians make their hot chocolate during winter? They use maple syrup instead of sugar.

Why do Canadians prefer to drink beer during winter? It’s the only liquid that doesn’t freeze.

Why don’t Canadians need a sauna during winter? Their igloos have built-in heated floors.

What do you call a Canadian who hates winter? A snowflake.

Why did the Canadian buy a new pair of snowshoes during winter? The old ones were giving him the cold shoulder.

Why did the Canadian cross the road? To warm up on the other side.

What do you call a Canadian winter? Six months long.

How do you keep warm in a Canadian winter? By drinking hot coffee and thinking about summer.

Why do Canadians love hockey so much? Because it’s the only thing that can warm them up in the winter.

What did one snowman say to the other? Do you smell carrots?

Why don’t Canadians tell winter jokes? Because they’re snow laughing matter.

Why do Canadians never get cold during the winter? Because they have hot tempers.

What do you call a Canadian snowman with a sunburn? A slush puppy.

How many Canadians does it take to change a lightbulb during a snowstorm? None, they’re too busy shoveling.

What do you get when you cross a Canadian and a snowman? Frostbite.

How are Canadians like snowflakes? They’re both unique and come in many different shapes and sizes.

What’s the difference between a hockey puck and a snowball? The snowball gets bigger the more you play with it.

How does a Canadian prepare for a snowstorm? By stocking up on maple syrup and Timbits.

Why do Canadian’s have such a high tolerance for cold weather? They’re born with double layers of blubber.

What do you call a Canadian fisherman who catches a cold? A sniffin’ pike.

What do Canadians say when it’s -25 degrees Celsius? At least it’s not -40.

Why do Canadians always wear hats during the winter? To cover their frozen ears.

What do you get when you shake a Canadian snowglobe? A blizzard.

What do you call a Canadian snowman that can jump? A slushy hopper.

Why don’t Canadians ever get bored during the winter? They’re too busy watching the snowfall, eh.

Why did the Canadian cross the road? To get to the heatwave on the other side!

What do you call a snowman that comes to life in Canada? Frosty the Politically Correct Individual!

How do you keep your fingers warm in Canada? Stick them in your neighbor’s armpits!

Why did the Canadian buy a treadmill? To keep warm while waiting for spring!

What do snowmen eat for breakfast in Canada? Frosted flakes!

Why did the Canadian go to the psychiatrist? He was suffering from seasonal affective disorder!

What do Canadians call a snowball fight? Winter Olympics!

How do Canadians keep their cars warm in the winter? They park them in their igloos!

What do Canadians say when someone complains about the cold? Sorry about the weather, eh?

Why do Canadians love hockey so much? It gives them an excuse to wear layers and layers of clothing!

What do you call a Canadian in a warm coat? Optimistic!

Why was the Canadian always on time for work during the winter? He could walk on frozen lakes and rivers to get there!

How do Canadians know when it’s really cold outside? When they see polar bears using snow shovels!

Why do Canadians always have a warm drink in their hands during the winter? It’s part of their survival kit!

Why did the Canadian build a hot tub outside in the middle of winter? To feel alive!

What do Canadians do when their cars get stuck in snowdrifts? They call a moose to tow them out!

Why did the Canadian leave his snowmobile in the garage? Because he was afraid of the air conditioning!

Why do Canadians look forward to spring? So they can finally exhale!

What do Canadians call the first day of spring? National Thaw Your Toes Day!

Why did the Canadian go on a tropical vacation during the winter? So he could remember what sweating feels like!

Up to You!

Congratulations, now you have a repertoire of 50+ jokes to help you survive the cold weather in Canada!

From polar vortex to hockey, you are now equipped with enough humor to deal with any winter situation.

So go out there and face the frosty weather with confidence, and don’t forget to share your favorite joke with your fellow Canadians!

Stay warm, stay safe, and keep laughing!

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