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50+ Jokes About Being Old Fashioned

Hey there, are you the kind of person who still uses a flip phone and thinks texting is a fad?

Do you find yourself longing for the good old days when a friendly face-to-face chat was the norm?

Well, my dear old fashioned friend, this one’s for you!

We’ve rustled up 50+ jokes about being old fashioned that will have you chuckling nostalgically and shaking your fist at those darn kids and their newfangled gadgets.

So sit back, don your monocle and take a sip of your warm milk – it’s time to revel in your old fashioned ways!

Jokes About Being Old Fashioned

I’m so old fashioned, I still use a rotary phone to call my friends.

I prefer writing letters to emailing or texting. It just feels more personal.

I guess I’m just old fashioned because I still wear corduroy pants in the summer.

I’d rather listen to an LP than stream music any day.

I don’t trust those newfangled self-driving cars. Give me a horse and buggy any day.

I’m so old fashioned, I still believe in chivalry. I hold open doors for everyone, not just ladies.

I prefer handwritten recipes over ones printed from the internet. They have more character.

I still insist on using a map instead of GPS. It’s more adventurous that way.

I like my coffee black and strong. None of that fancy flavored stuff for me.

I refuse to use a Kindle. I love the feel and smell of a real book.

I don’t get these kids and their obsession with social media. Back in my day, we actually talked to each other.

I’m so old fashioned, I still call it a radio instead of a smart speaker.

I always dress up for dinner, even if it’s just takeout at home.

I don’t trust those newfangled video games. Give me a deck of cards any day.

I still use a paper calendar instead of my phone. It helps me keep track of things better.

I don’t understand these modern hairstyles. Give me a good old-fashioned perm any day.

I prefer to get my news from a real newspaper instead of online.

I use a fountain pen instead of a regular one. It’s more elegant.

I like to listen to classical music on my turntable. It just sounds better.

I don’t need all these fancy gadgets. My trusty pocket knife can handle any situation.

I don’t need the internet, I have a rotary phone.

I prefer to read books on paper, not on a Kindle.

I always carry a handkerchief, never a pack of tissues.

I still listen to vinyl records instead of streaming music.

I don’t trust GPS, I’d rather use a map and compass.

I write letters instead of sending emails or texts.

I wear suspenders instead of a belt.

I prefer to cook my meals from scratch, not a microwave dinner.

I still watch black and white movies on a VHS player.

I always use a typewriter instead of a computer.

I like to knit my own clothes instead of buying them at a store.

I use a fountain pen instead of a ballpoint pen.

I prefer to travel by train instead of plane.

I still use a Polaroid camera to take pictures.

I listen to radio shows instead of podcasts.

I always wear a hat and gloves when I go out.

I still use a notepad and pencil to take notes.

I prefer to wear loafers instead of sneakers.

I like to use a feather duster to clean my house.

I don’t use a cell phone, I have a landline.

I’m so old fashioned, I still use a rotary phone to call my friends. Remember when we had to actually spin a wheel to connect?

I prefer to send letters through the mail instead of email. It just feels more personal, you know?

I still listen to vinyl records because I believe they have better sound quality than any modern digital format. Plus, it’s just more fun to flip the record over halfway through.

I refuse to use a GPS to navigate. I’d much rather pull out a trusty map and figure it out myself.

I always wear a hat and suit jacket when I leave the house. Who knows when royalty might pass by and need a gentleman to tip his hat?

I refuse to eat any meal that isn’t perfectly balanced and arranged on a silver platter. Presentation is everything, after all.

I still write all of my journal entries in ink with a fountain pen. There’s just something about the feel of the pen on paper that can’t be replicated with a keyboard.

I refuse to watch any movie that wasn’t filmed in black and white. Color just seems too flashy and modern for my taste.

I always keep a handkerchief in my pocket for any situation that may arise. It’s just good manners to have one handy.

I prefer to take baths instead of showers. It’s more relaxing and allows for a good book to be read at the same time.

I never order takeout or delivery. I always cook my meals from scratch using only the freshest ingredients.

I still prefer to buy physical books from a bookstore instead of reading on a Kindle. There’s just something about the smell of paper and ink that can’t be beaten.

Rather than using a microwave, I prefer to heat my food up on the stove or in the oven. It may take longer, but it tastes better that way.

I always give my chair to a lady before sitting down. It’s just the gentlemanly thing to do.

I prefer to greet people with a firm handshake instead of a hug. Physical contact should be reserved for close family members only.

I still watch network TV with commercials instead of streaming on demand. It’s just more convenient to let the TV decide what I should watch.

I always wear a tie and dress shoes to dinner, even if it’s just at home. It’s all about showing respect for the occasion.

I never use emojis in my text messages. Words are enough to convey my meaning, thank you very much.

I still send greeting cards through the mail instead of just posting on someone’s Facebook wall. It shows that I care enough to put in the extra effort.

I always carry a pocket watch and check the time with a dramatic flourish. It’s a classic way to show off my sense of style and sophistication.

Up to You!

Well, there you have it!

50+ jokes about being old-fashioned that made you laugh, groan, and maybe even cringe a little bit.

But isn’t that what being old-fashioned is all about?

Embracing the past, even if it’s a bit quirky and outdated.

Just remember, no matter how old-fashioned you may be, laughter is always in style.

So keep on laughing, keep on loving the classics, and who knows, maybe someday your own grandkids will be telling jokes about how old-fashioned you are.

Until then, keep the humor coming!

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