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50+ Jokes About Arctic Animals

Hey there chilly friend!

Ready to warm up with some arctic animal jokes that will have you howling like a wolf and laughing like a hyena?

You better brace yourself for some polar bear-ly bearable puns, walrus-tastic one-liners and seal-y good laughs, because we’ve rounded up the coolest and funniest jokes about the creatures that call the frozen tundra their home.

So grab a mug of hot cocoa, snuggle up in your blanket and get ready to dive into a sea of hilarity.

Buckle up, it’s going to be a wild ride!

Jokes About Arctic Animals

Why did the polar bear go to the moon? Because it wanted to escape the Arctic circus.

What do you call a penguin in the Sahara desert? Lost.

Why can’t Arctic foxes watch TV? Because of all the frozen channels.

How do you know if a walrus is happy? It will have a seal of approval.

What is a polar bear’s favorite cartoon? Ice Age.

Why was the beluga whale arrested? For singing without a permit.

What’s a penguin’s favorite type of music? Ice-solation.

What did the arctic hare say when it was asked if it wanted to go for a run? “Snow way!”

Why did the walrus go to a fancy restaurant? It wanted to try some crab cakes.

Why do reindeer have such small antlers? Because they learn to read quickly and earn diplomas instead.

What do you call a polar bear that can’t swim? A Coca-Cola mascot.

What did the seal say when it collided with a polar bear? Sorry, wrong latitude.

What do you get when a polar bear and a penguin have a baby? An impossibear.

Why did the Arctic caribou cross the road? To get to the other tundra.

Why did the Arctic fox bring a compass to school? To find its way to the Arctic Circle.

What do you call a bear that never washes its fur? Dirty McPaws.

Why do Arctic animals prefer winter sports? Because they like the ice-factor.

Why did the puffin cross the road? To get to the other side of the fjord.

What do you call a reindeer that is good at playing guitar? A rock-deer.

What’s a polar bear’s favorite Magic: The Gathering card? The one that says Arctic Claw!

Why did the polar bear go to the movie theater? To see the latest ice blockbuster!

What do you call a walrus who loves to dance? Seal-y Dan.

How do you keep a polar bear cool in summer? Give him an ice cream cone!

Why don’t penguins like driving cars? They prefer to ride their own surfboards.

Why don’t Arctic rabbits wear shoes? Because they have hare-y feet!

What do you call a polar bear that has lost all its fur? A bare bear.

Why did the seal cross the road? To get to the beach, of course!

Why don’t Arctic foxes live in igloos? They’re much too sly for that.

What did the Arctic whale say when it bumped into the iceberg? I’m sorry, I didn’t sea you there!

What do you call a group of polar bears playing cards together? A polaroid!

Why do polar bears always win at poker? They have the best paws!

What do you call a polar bear with ear muffs? Anything you like, it can’t hear you.

How do polar bears keep their dens warm in winter? With bear hugs!

What do you get when you cross a walrus with a clown fish? Silly seals!

Why don’t seals like to play cards with polar bears? They always want to be the seal-er!

How do you know if a beluga whale is feeling blue? It’s dorsal fin will be down.

What do you call a group of penguins taking a selfie? A waddle of selfies!

Why don’t arctic terns ever win at chess? They always end up flying south.

What do you get when you cross a narwhal with a unicorn? NARWHALicorn!

How do you turn an Arctic hare into a fortune teller? Give it a crystal ball and call it a hare-sayist!

Why was the polar bear always cold? Because he was always in the chill zone!

Why did the arctic fox cross the ice? To get to the other slide!

What do you call a group of penguins walking in tandem? A frozone!

Why was the walrus always the life of the party? Because he had a great tusk for humor!

How do you know if a polar bear is lactose intolerant? He starts growling at the sight of a seal milkshake!

Why do arctic animals love to recycle? Because they’re always freezing their assets!

How do arctic whales travel from one iceberg to another? They take the blubber bus!

Why do arctic seals never get wrinkled skin? Because they always stay ice-cold!

What did the arctic hare say when he got spooked? I’m hopping for cover!

Why did the arctic tern fly south for the winter? Because his arctic cloak was at the dry cleaners!

How do arctic animals stay healthy? They eat lots of snow-peas!

Why did the arctic penguin refuse to wear a scarf? He didn’t want to get wrapped up in all that fuss!

What do you call a polar bear with a nose ring? A cold stud!

How do you know if a polar bear is lying? His nose will start growing like an icicle!

Why was the arctic fox always sneaking around? He was trying to catch the polar-bear-erfly!

Why do arctic babies never cry? They’re too busy brrr-eathing!

How do arctic animals keep track of their finances? They use snow-banks!

Why did the arctic owl get detention? Because he was caught hoo-hoo’ing during class!

What do you call an arctic otter that loves to sing? A frozerotti!

How do arctic animals keep their families warm at night? They huddle up for warmth and tell polar-bear-y tales!

Up to You!

So, now that you’ve had a laugh at these hilarious jokes about Arctic animals, it’s time to put on your warmest coat and take a trip to the frozen land to see these creatures in real life.

Or, you know, just stay cozy at home and binge-watch some documentaries…

Either way, don’t forget to share these jokes with your friends and family to brighten up their day as well.

Remember, laughter is the best medicine – especially when the temperature drops as low as a penguin’s waddle.

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