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50+ Good Jokes About Spring

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Ready to tickle your funny bone with some hilarious jokes about spring?

As the weather gets warmer and the flowers start to bloom, it’s time to put away your winter blues and crack a smile with these 50+ side-splitting jokes.

Whether you’re a fan of puns, one-liners, or just love a good laugh, we’ve got you covered.

From April showers to May flowers, get ready to spring into action with these rib-tickling jokes about the season!

Good Jokes About Spring

Why did the bird cross the road? To get to the sunny side of the street in spring!

Why are frogs so happy in the spring? Because they love to jump into the season!

What do you call a snowman in the spring? A puddle!

What do you get when you cross a snowman and a spring flower? Frost-blooms!

Why did the bee go to the flower in the spring? To get a spring-time buzz!

Why are flowers so good at solving problems? Because they always have a petal plan!

What’s a spring chicken’s favorite subject in school? Egg-nomics!

Why is basketball the best sport to play in the spring? Because you can bounce into the season!

What do you get when you cross a gardener with a musician? Spring-tu-nas!

What does Spring say when it arrives? I’m the season-best!

What do April showers bring? Mayflowers!

Why did the tree slip over in the spring? It was rooting for the season!

What do you call a rabbit who just finished a spring clean? A neat bunny!

Why did the robin sing in the spring? Because it was in tweet-harmony!

What’s the most important thing to do in the spring? Make sure you have a green thumb!

If April showers bring May flowers, then what do Mayflowers bring? Pilgrims!

Why did the pig get sunscreen in the spring? To avoid getting sun-sizzly!

What’s a spring bee’s favorite movie genre? Buzz-terpiece dramas!

What’s a spring frog’s favorite musical instrument? A rib-bass!

What’s the best way to celebrate spring? With a tulip-toast!

Why did the tree blush in the spring? Because it saw the birds and the bees!

What did the bee say to the flower in spring? “Hello, pollen-ly!”

Why did the tomato turn red early in spring? It saw the salad dressing!

What do you call a bear in the springtime? A re-spring-a bear!

What is the first sign of spring? Work.

What did the bird say to its mate in the springtime? You light up my life!

What do you call a frog in the spring? A hop-er-ational frog!

Why did the duck cross the road in spring? To get to the other pond!

How does a farmer celebrate the first day of spring? With a spring harvest!

What’s the difference between a spring turkey and a fall turkey? The stuffing!

Why did the farmer plant his crops in the spring? Because he knew they would spring up!

What is a butterfly’s favorite season? Flutter!

Why do kids love spring so much? They get to play outside without getting frozen!

What do you call a baby sheep in the spring? A spring lamb!

Why are frogs so happy in the springtime? Because it’s their toad-ally favorite season!

What do you call a bee that can’t fly but jumps in the spring? A jumpy-bee!

What does the Easter Bunny order at the coffee shop in the spring? A carrot-cino!

Why did the chicken cross the road during spring? To get to the sunny side!

What kind of music do plants love to listen to in the spring? Hip-hop!

What do you call it when a rabbit dances in the spring? Bunny Hop!

Why did the tree break up with winter? It wanted to see other seasons, like spring!

What did the butterfly say to the flower? Hey, bud! Want to hang out this spring?

Why do chickens love spring? It’s the perfect time to hatch a plan!

What do you call a lazy spring day? A spring break!

Why did the gardener give up on telling jokes in spring? They were all too corny!

How do you greet a baseball in spring? Hi, there, springer!

Why did the lion love spring? It was the perfect time to pounce on its prey!

What’s the first thing a tree says when it starts to bloom in spring? Leaf me alone, I’m flowering!

Why do birds love spring? They finally get to come out of their nesting phase!

How do flowers get ready for spring? They put on their petal pushers!

What do frogs love to do in spring? Croak up lots of new adventures!

Why did the farmer get excited for spring? He was looking forward to planting a ground-breaking crop!

What do you call a rainy day in spring? A shower curtain call!

Why do ants love spring? It’s a great time to get a spring-fever for scavenging!

What did the caterpillar say when it turned into a butterfly in spring? Time to spread my wings and fly!

Why did the rabbit love spring? It was the only time he didn’t have to hop out of bed early!

How do bees celebrate spring? They throw a honey-do party!

What do you call an early spring? A hurr-spring (hurry spring)!

Why did the mushroom get invited to all the spring parties? Because he’s a fungi to be around!

How do you make a spring joke pop? Add some blossom to it!

Up to You!

Congrats, you made it to the end of 50+ good jokes about spring!

You must be feeling like a blooming flower after all those laughs.

Whether you were leaf-ing through these jokes for fun or just trying to spruce up your comedy routine, we hope you found them egg-citing!

Now, go outside and enjoy the beautiful weather before it pas-tulips away.

And remember, don’t let anyone put a damper on your springtime spirit – keep those puns and jokes coming!

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