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50+ Good Jokes About Rain

Hey there, rainy day warrior!

We know it may be pouring down outside, but don’t let those dark clouds get you down just yet.

Instead, let’s make the most out of this wet weather with our ultimate collection of 50+ good jokes about rain.

From quips about soggy socks to witty one-liners about stormy skies, we’ve got it all covered.

So, grab a hot cup of cocoa, snuggle up with your favorite blanket, and get ready to laugh your way to a brighter day.

Let’s dive right in!

Good Jokes About Rain

Why did the raindrop go to the doctor? Because it was feeling under the weather.

What did the rain say to the soil? You’re grounding me.

Why did the rain cancel its appointment with the meteorologist? Because it wanted to make a surprise appearance.

How does the rain get to work? By water-cycling.

What is a raindrop’s least favorite game? Water polo.

Why did the rain need glasses? To improve its precipitation.

What kind of music do raindrops listen to? Splash hits.

Why did the rain refuse to come inside the house? It preferred to stay outside and make wetter.

What did one raindrop say to the other? Two’s company, but three’s a cloud.

Why don’t raindrops like being friends with snowflakes? Because they keep flaking out.

What did the sun say to the rain? You make everything brighter, even on cloudy days.

How much does it rain in Antarctica? It snows-no much.

How do you know there’s going to be rain when it’s cloudy outside? When you can’t see the forecast for the clouds.

What do you call a group of raindrops that play music together? A water band.

Why did the rain put up an umbrella? Because it wanted to stay dry.

What do you call a really cool rainstorm? A thunder buddy.

Why did the raindrop start a fight with the puddle? It wanted to make a splash.

Why did the rain take so long to come back from vacation? It got stuck in a rain delay.

What’s the difference between a raindrop and a snowflake? Snowflakes can take the heat, but raindrops give up when it gets hot.

What did the water molecule say to its friends when the rain stopped? We were just water-ing for this moment.

Why did the raindrop go to the doctor? Because it was feeling a little under the weather!

What kind of rain is always coming down? The drizzle army!

Why do mummies never go out in the rain? Because they fear it will unwrape them!

Why do cows lie down when it rains? To keep each udder dry!

What’s the opposite of a rainstorm? A justin bieber song. (Because.. It’s always about sun, sun, sun.)

Why did the umbrella break? The wind was blowing rain or shine!

What did the baby corn say to the mama corn during the rainstorm? Where’s popcorn?

Why are frogs so happy when it rains? Because they get to sing in the shower!

Why did the tomato turn red during the rainstorm? Because it saw the salad dressing!

How does the rain tie its shoes? With a weather knot!

Why don’t ants get wet in the rain? Because they’re wearing their ant-onions!

What did one raindrop say to the other raindrop? Two’s company, but three’s a cloud.

Why don’t sharks like the rain? Because it dampens their fin-haired pride!

What’s worse than rain on your wedding day? Your mother-in-law!

What is brown, hairy and wears a raincoat? A drizzly bear!

Why did the scientist study rain? To get to the bottom of things!

Why do people hate movie theaters on rainy days? Because all the seats are splash zones!

What do you call rain that’s mixed with ice? Winter uppercut!

Why do sharks tell terrible jokes in the rain? To dampen their finny humor!

What does a cloud wear under his raincoat? Thunderwear!

Up to You!

Congratulations, you’ve made it to the end of our list of 50+ good jokes about rain!

You’ve laughed, you’ve groaned, and maybe you’ve even learned to love those rainy days a little more.

So next time you’re stuck inside while the skies pour down, remember these jokes and maybe they’ll just make you crack a smile.

Keep on making it rain with laughter, folks!

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