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50+ Dad Jokes About Mexican Food

Hey there, hungry reader!

Do you enjoy some good ol’ Mexican food with a side of dad jokes?

Well, you’re in luck because we’ve got 50+ of the cheesiest (and tastiest) dad jokes about Mexican cuisine.

From enchiladas to tacos, these punny jokes will have you laughing so hard, you might just taco ’bout it for days.

Get ready to spice up your day and let’s dive into these saucy jokes!

Dad Jokes About Mexican Food

Why did the enchilada fail the test? Because it was too saucy.

Why did the burrito go to art school? To become a wrap artist.

What do you call a sleeping burrito? A siesta.

How do you make Mexican food last longer? Just put it in a tortilla!

Did you hear about the Mexican train thief? He had lots of loco-motives.

Why did the taco go to the gym? To work on its salsa-dancing skills.

What does a Mexican wrestler bring to a potluck? Nacho average contribution.

Why don’t burritos get cold? Because they’re always wrapped up tight.

How does a Mexican priest order his burrito? Holy guacamole!

How do you compliment a taco? You’re nacho average taco.

What do you call cheese that isn’t yours? Nacho cheese!

What do you call a snobbish criminal going down stairs? A condescending con descending.

What do you call a group of burritos? A wrap battle.

How do you know tacos are shy? They always cover themselves with beans and cheese.

What do you call a Mexican with a rubber toe? Roberto.

Why did the nacho go to the hospital? Because it was feeling chipper.

Why do Mexicans always use the same ingredients? Because Taco Bell is always under attack.

Why did the Mexican chef quit his job? Because he didn’t have enough huevos.

How do you say burrito in Italian? A burrito! (Say it with an Italian accent.)

Why did the tamales go to the doctor’s office? They were feeling corn-fused.

Why did the burrito go to the gym? To get super queso-ripped!

Did you hear about the disobedient taco? It refused to taco ’bout it.

Why don’t skeletons like Mexican food? They don’t have the stomach for it.

How do you make a Mexican s’more? Roast a marshmallow over a jalapeño and sandwich it between two tortillas.

Why did the bean get arrested? For being too pinto x-rated.

Why did the enchilada break up with the burrito? It was just too wrapped up in itself.

What’s the difference between suspicious queso and ordinary queso? Nacho business!

Why did the churro go to the doctor? Because it was feeling sugary-ill.

Why did the Mexican chef quit? He just couldn’t guac it anymore.

What do you call a Mexican hot dog with a broken leg? A taco-dog!

How do you know if a taco is feeling down? It starts shedding guac-tears.

What do you get when you cross a ghost and Mexican food? Fart-taco-melon.

Why did the Mexican chef quit his job at the taco truck? He didn’t want to be a chicken fajita anymore.

How do Mexicans cut their pizza? With little Caesars.

Why was the burrito such good company? Because it was always willing to wrap things up.

How do you know if a Mexican restaurant has good service? Their salsa-ry skills are on point.

Why did the tamales break up? They just couldn’t agree on masa-ges.

Why did the Mexican restaurant make their salsa so spicy? They wanted their customers to feel the heat.

How do Mexican food lovers propose? With a chip-tastic ring!

What did the flour tortilla say to the corn tortilla? You’re just too bready for me!

Why did the bean burrito go to the gym? To get a shredded physique.

Why did the enchilada visit the doctor? It was feeling a little saucy.

How many Mexicans does it take to make a quesadilla? Just Juan.

What do you get when you cross a taco and a dictionary? A spell chile.

What did the nacho say when it broke up with the cheese? Guacward!

What does a Mexican wrestler put on their burrito? Mask-erole.

Why did the chicken fajita go to the seance? To talk to the polter-guac.

Why did the Mexican chef go on a diet? They needed to start counting nachos.

What do you call a sombrero that’s also a burrito? A wrap hat.

How does a Mexican food truck communicate with its customers? It uses a quesadilla board.

What did the burrito say to the salsa? You’re making me jalapeño business.

Why was the taco feeling blue? It was avocado memories of better times.

How does a Mexican artist make salsa? With picasta paint.

Why did the churro feel lonely? Because it was stuck in a cinnabun.

What do you call a Mexican dish that’s also a rock song? A guac-and-roll.

Why did the tamale go to the doctor? It was suffering from a corny cold.

Why did the quesadilla go to the concert? To see the queso band in the world.

What do you call a Mexican dish that’s also a piece of furniture? A beans bag.

Why did the tortilla chip go to the bank? It was looking for some salsa money.

What do you call a Mexican dish that’s also a musical instrument? A maracas-roni and cheese.

Up to You!

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After reading through all these ridiculously punny dad jokes about Mexican food, we hope you’re feeling taco ’bout them.

From burritos to enchiladas, there’s no denying the spice-filled humor that comes with Mexican cuisine.

So the next time you’re enjoying some chips and guac with friends, don’t be afraid to spice up the conversation with a few of these corny jokes!

Who knows, you may just become the new salsa of the party!

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